The Best 6 Person Tents of 2017

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If you are going to be camping with your family or with several friends, a spacious tent can make the experience a whole lot more pleasant. Six-person tents can be great options, even if you’re only traveling with 4 or 5 people, because the extra space makes everyone more comfortable.

There are several different types of 6-person tents. Some have two rooms, some have vestibules for storage, some have awnings, and other features. We know there is a lot to consider, so we wrote this article about our favorite 6-person tents. We’ll cover the details of each, as well as pros and cons.

The Best Six Person Tents of 2017

Reviews of the Best 6-Man Tents

6. ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 6 Person FG Tent

The ALPS Mountaineering Meramac tent is 10 feet by 10 feet, and 6 feet tall. Six people can sleep in the tent, or you put two queen size air mattresses inside.

It features two easy-entry doors with “single-zip operation”. There are also zippered windows for ventilation. The tent is sealed for protection against the weather and rain.


  • Quality build
  • Sizable 10 feet by 10 feet design


  • Dome design does not provide as much height as some other tents
  • Priced higher than some similar options
The Best Six Person Tents of 2017

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 6 Person FG Tent

5. Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent

One of the reasons we like Coleman brand tents is because they are made to hold up in difficult weather conditions. All Coleman tents are tested to be able to withstand at least 35 mph winds. As a result, they are made with stronger poles and material that will last longer and will protect you from the elements. The Insta-Clip pole attachments on this model also help to stabilize the tent.

The Sundome tent is made with WeatherTec™ System floors and inverted seems to keep water out, and keep you dry. The awning also gives additional shade and rain protection. The floor vent and large windows provide plenty of ventilation and fresh air.

This tent is 10 feet by 10 feet, and 6 feet tall. You can sleep 6 people in the tent, or fit two queen size air mattresses.

You can easily set up this family tent in 10 minutes or less. The dome design and snag-free poles sleeves help to make the setup easy.

This tent is also priced very well, making it a popular and safe choice.


  • Excellent price
  • Quality materials
  • Easy set up


  • Dome design does not provide as much height as some other tents
The Best Six Person Tents of 2017

Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent

4. Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

The Evanston Screened Tent is another quality option from Coleman. This one is a little more spacious than the Sundome tent. The Evanston measures 14 feet by 10 feet, including a small screened-in porch area. This tent also sleeps 6 people, or will fit two queen size air beds (also available in a larger 8-person version).

The Evanston is made form durable polyester taffeta with fiberglass poles. In addition to the porch, it has 4 large windows for maximum ventilation. The mesh roof also provides additional sunlight.

You’ll love the rainfly and weather system that is designed to keep you dry. It’s also made to be quick and easy to set up.

The price is a bit higher than the Sundome, but it does provide more space and a front porch.


  • Includes a screened-in porch
  • Made with quality materials


  • Lack of height (only 5 feet 8 inches)
The Best Six Person Tents of 2017

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

3. Kelty Trail Ridge 6 Tent

The Kelty Trail Ridge is a high-quality tent that measures 12 feet by 8 feet, and 6 feet high. It is made from polyester with aluminum poles. The taped seems on the floor and fly will help to keep you dry.

This tent is designed to have steep walls, which gives added height and usable space inside the tent. This can be pretty significant if you are at or near the capacity of the tent. There is a vestibule by each door for easy entry. The vestibules also provide some space for storage.


  • Steep walls give you much more height and space inside the tent
  • Quality materials and construction
  • Vestibule by each door provides extra space


  • Price is higher than some other options
The Best Six Person Tents of 2017

Kelty Trail Ridge 6 Tent

2. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent

This is a huge tent that is great for families. It measures 17 feet by 9 feet with a center height of 6 feet 10 inches. This is a two-room tent with a floorless screened room that is great for meals and socializing.  The screened room also provides extra ventilation.

Another huge feature of this tent, the Coleman WeatherTec™ System is guaranteed to keep you dry. The polyester taffeta material and fiberglass poles also help to make this a durable tent that will hold up to use.


  • Very spacious tent
  • Very tall (6 feet 10 inches)
  • Screened front room


  • Price is a little higher than some of the other options on this list (although you do get a lot for that price)
The Best Six Person Tents of 2017

Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent

1. Kodiac Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Canvas Tent

The Kodiac Canvas Flex-Bow tent is our top rated option. Made with Hydra-Shield, 100% cotton duck canvas, this tent is durable and watertight.

The tent is 10 feet by 10 feet, and 6 feet and 6 inches high. The height makes it possible to stand and walk inside the tent. In addition to those dimensions, it features a large (6 foot) awning that covers the front door and window. There is also a door and window on the back of the tent.

You’ll also be covered by a limited lifetime warranty. If you’re looking for a canvas tent for your family, this is a great option.


  • Quality canvas tent
  • Spacious design, including awning


  • The price is higher (if a canvas tent isn’t important to you, you can save money by going with another option)
The Best Six Person Tents of 2017

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Canvas Tent, Deluxe

How to Choose the Right Tent

When comparing the six tents featured on this page, first think about your budget. There is a big range of prices in these tents. Is a canvas tent something that you are willing to pay more to get? If not, cross the Kodiac Canvas Flex-Bow off your list. If canvas is important, that is the tent for you.

Think about the people that will be using the tent. If you’re a family with young kids the height may not be a big factor. On the other hand, if 5 or 6 adults will be sleeping in the tent, you may want as much height and space inside as you can get.

We prefer tents with a screened room, like the Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent. The extra covered, screened space comes in really handy when it is raining and you have nowhere else to go. is a blog for anyone who loves to travel and see the world.

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