A Simple, But Helpful, Travel Planning Resource

By  |  0 Comments is a great resource for travel planning with a social twist. The site’s functionality is very simple, which makes it easy to use and quick to learn. All you have to do is enter is city that you will be visiting, or are just researching, and it will provide suggestions of things you can do while you are there.

Travel Planning

Where it gets interesting is that gets its data from the popular social networking site Foursquare. As a result, you’re getting advice and suggestions from real people, locals and travelers whose experiences can help in your own travel planning.

Travel Planning

Each suggested activity or destination will include a link, click it and you’ll be led to Foursquare where you can get more information.

Travel Planning

Each of these pages includes helpful tips from other Foursquare users. Having all this information (from real people) can save hours of searching.

Travel Planning also gives you the option to view the highlighted destinations on a map, making it easier to plan how you will get around.

Travel Planning

While it is a rather simple tool, can have a big impact on your travel plans with a very small amount of time required. We recommend that you try it out next time your planning a trip, especially if you’re already a Foursquare user. is a blog for anyone who loves to travel and see the world.

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