10 Tips for Safe Travel

The world is not unsafe or dangerous. Even in your home town you will find some desperate people and places which are in the minority. Actually, you will be able to have  safe travel when you follow some of these simple tips.

1. Glance Back

Starting a habit of looking back is better before leaving from somewhere. It is more likely to forget a journal or jacket at the table of some café as travel is really distracting.

2. Split the Sources of Money

It won’t be a problem to keep your bank cards in your purse or wallet while you are at your home. But it is not appropriate to do similar when you are traveling. You can instead keep one of them in a separate place. It might be very difficult to get replacements in case you lose all your cards on the bus or road.

3. Don’t Keep the Purse/Wallet in the Jeans’ Back Pocket

If you don’t want being pickpocketed, then you might want to keep your wallet in the front pocket. The inside pocket of the jacket is also the safest place. Using money belts is also quite popular these days.

4. Make Copies of your Important Documents

Make photocopies or scan all of your travel documents. Email those scanned documents to your own address. This will be a great help in case you lose your original documents.

5. Get Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance can be very helpful to minimize the health cost if you get injured or ill while you are abroad. Even a minor injury can leave you with thousands of dollars of hospital bills. So, it is worth to get a travel insurance package.

6. Get Health Check Ups Before Traveling

Before leaving your home, it is better to visit a doctor for medical checkups. Get all the relevant immunizations or vaccinations for the destinations you are traveling. Also familiarize yourself with the health precautions you will need to follow.

7. Avoid Public Displays of Affluence

If you are traveling overseas, you are more likely to be rich. However, advertising this fact by carrying a $2000 camera around your neck or wearing gold jewelry is not advisable. This will allow you to become a target for thieves. Keep your camera inside a bag if you are not using it and leave the jewelry at home.

8. It’s Best to Learn Some of the Things At Home

It may not be wise to learn to ride a motorbike or jet ski in foreign countries. For example, in Thailand about 38 people die every day in scooter accidents. Moreover, scooter related injuries may not be covered by some travel insurance policies.

9. Check the Certificates and Fine Print of Instructors

If you are doing something risky or taking a specialist course, then make sure you check the operators have a good safety record and have legitimate qualifications. This will also help you to get cheaper courses.

10. Give It Up

Most people find hard to follow this simple rule: when you are mugged, give over your watch, wallet, etc. If you have insurance this shouldn’t be a problem. It is better to give away your things than being injured.

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