15 of the Best Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain is a polular destination for many reasons. Along with amazing architecture, culture, history, and Mediterranean beaches, the cuisine in Barcelona is something that all visitors enjoy. With that in mind, here is a look at some recommended restaurants for your visit to Barcelona.


Since 1906, this place is serving people with its delicious pastries and chocolates; this place is a must to visit for tasting some of the best chocolate products at good rates.

Restaurante Jardín Rosa

This restaurant serves mouth watering Chinese dishes; one should defiantly come here for tasting some of them with friends or family.

Bar Celta

As the name says, this bar is known for its different varieties of drinks, which are served with delicious food items.

El Cangrejo Loco

A perfect place for the seafood lovers, the high quality fish like bacalla, crabs, monkfish, lobster, etc. are served here in different forms.

Cafè Zurich

Taste the delicious cup of coffee with different food items which are freshly baked and served.


A perfect restaurant offering best Japanese food at affordable rates, the dumplings are amazing and are a must to try. Even the sushi, grilled seafood, sashimi, vegetables and salads can also be ordered.

Casa Amalia

A popular Catalan restaurant, one should visit this for tasting the delicacies by taking the rental car.


A very popular place for enjoying different varieties of desserts after having the main course.


This restaurant is known it’s delicious as sushi which can be enjoyed with different cocktails and drinks; one should visit this place by renting the car.


One can visit this place for enjoying the breakfast with juices and pastries and other meals with a three-course set lunch or dinner.


This restaurant is loved by all the vegetarians; it serves low calorie vegetarian food at good rates like fresh salads, delicious soups and healthy food items.

Orxateria Sirvent

People with sweet tooth should come here for tasting different sugary delicacies at reasonable rates.

Monty Café

A perfect place to lay back and enjoy a great cup of yummy coffee with the loved one.


This Italian restaurant serves great pastas, pizzas, risottos, etc. with different meat and fish main dishes.


A very popular bakery store offering all the fresh products, one should defiantly come here by taking the rental car.

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