5 Must-Visit Greek Islands

Those who have visited the Greek Islands will know that relaxed living comes easily to this part of the globe. Gorgeous beaches, spectacular ocean views, long sleep ins and late night feasts, the Greek Islands is where you will find the good life and a true holiday experience.

So how do you create you’re ideal Greek Island holiday? To reach the islands, most travelers will opt for cheap flights to Athens then from the city, enjoy a cruise through the islands. If you’d prefer to stay on one of the islands there are numerous ferries that service various locations.

The Greek Islands are made up of over 600 islands, 227 of which are inhabited, offering quite an impressive choice for holiday makers. Whether you seek a party island to mingle with locals and tourists alike, or a more private holiday that embraces Greek traditions, there’s an island for you.

Here we list our five favorite islands of Greece.


Popularly known as the party island, Mykonos is the beating heart of the Greek Islands. This is where those iconic white-washed houses on the cliff-side reside, as well as super resorts and designer boutiques.

It may appear glamorous and touristy, but there’s much more to Mykonos than its roaring nightlife. This island is a great destination for families with safe beaches and a welcoming atmosphere. And despite its designer sheen, you will still find tiny villages, quaint windmills and donkey’s carrying people along windy roads on Mykonos, proving the island is still very much Greek at heart.


Considered to be the classic Greek Island where romance abounds, Santorini is famous for its spectacular views and beaches. As a volcanic island, Santorini is quite steep and rocky. Its impressive cliff faces lining the island are where you will find some of the best ocean views and legendary sunsets. Lending itself to that holiday spirit, the island is also home to a number of wineries as well as ocean activities including snorkeling.


If you’re not keen to travel far from Athens, the island of Skyros is a favorable choice. Despite only being an hour’s ferry ride from Greece’s capital, Skyros remains relatively untouched by the tourist hordes. As such the island has managed to preserve much of its own identity and culture; Skyros’s only form of transport is by donkey or foot. It may not offer the luxurious resort living of Mykonos, but for a traditional Greek Island experience, few can match Skyros.


Hydra is a popular day trip island, but if you’re open to experiencing a peaceful Greek holiday you’d be wise to stay a little longer. While geared towards tourists Hydra is determined to preserve its innate beauty. The island has a ‘no high rise’ policy and motorized vehicles are banned. Instead, Hydra is the perfect place to exercise your legs or take a boat taxi to tour the island. While sandy beaches are few and far between, Hydra has a number of great places to swim. Step down a ladder into calm azure waters and soak up the Mediterranean beauty. What could be better?


Evia is the second largest Greek Island after Crete. Due to its size Evia doesn’t always feel like an island. But this can have its advantages. There’s no off-the-beaten-path charm to Evia. Its infrastructure and transportation are on-par with the mainland. Getting around is easy and resorts are plentiful. As such Evia is witnessing a growing trend for wellness tourism, with travelers flocking to the island to enjoy day spas and health retreats while surrounded by the picturesque Mediterranean ocean.

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