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5 Things to Do During Your Stay in Malta

Malta truly is an awe inspiring and interesting place to visit. Accommodation and flights are all well priced and the country’s history and culture runs deep. The island of Malta is most certainly a popular tourist haunt and flights and accommodation make it a reasonable destination to visit from anywhere within Europe.

As an Island of three of which include Malta, Comino and Gozo, form the archipelago and lies directly within the Mediterranean. With Gibraltar and Alexandria to ones west and east, and to the north you’ll find Sicily. Additionally Tunisia with its African coast can be found in the south. Malta’s climate is sunny, warm and humid during its peak heat season and is certainly a place to come to if you are exclusively into the beach scene.

Within the 1970s the country of Malta had been one of, if not the first to develop the concept of the ‘Package Holiday’. The range of self-catering apartments quite literally lined themselves all over Malta. Additionally, it tends to be very popular to the older generation whose nostalgia is seen through the 1970s holidays and reminds them of the days when service was undertaken in the British military base on the Island.

Malta certainly has a relaxed atmosphere about it which is considered similar to the 1950s. Additionally, it was seen as a place of great luxury with its ‘flying boats’ passing en route through to Africa.

Malta is quite the small Island, however compared to other touristic destinations there exists plenty of things to occupy yourself with during your stay. The below list is only a fraction of what Malta offers however I chose some of best bits.

The Maltese Beer Festival

For anyone who is an avid fan of the popular Maltese beer will be pleasantly surprised by this particular festival. The yearly beer festival will give you plenty of opportunity to test out most beer brands that the island has to offer while simultaneously listening to music from bands on two separate stages. If you haven’t been before then I thoroughly suggest it for your next visit during the month of July.

Go Scuba Diving

Scuba diving on the Island of Malta is incredibly popular and is a keen holiday pastime by tourists and visitors alike. The Maltese Islands are most certainly one of the better places to take part in such an activity as the amount of marine life visible is just amazing. If it’s something you would enjoy doing then I thoroughly suggest you get involved next time you are here.

Play Golf

Golf is quite the popular sport on the island and has certainly given rise to the demand. Currently there is only one golfing course which extends itself to around 5487 yards. Some plans are undergoing at the moment on extending this particular course to a par 72 full length version.

Go on a Fishing Trip

Malta is ideal if you want that holiday location where you can partake in certain fishing trips. The range of fish is fairly vast, with anything from Snapper, Tuna, Barracuda, Lampuki and many more. You’ll be sure to have fun during your excursion out at sea. With a fair amount of companies taking tourists on fishing charters it’s easy to get involved in, however its best to see them all until you find the right deal.

Visit a Winery

Malta’s wine culture has certainly been growing at a good rate with brand new wineries being established every year. The countries main and largest manufacturers of wine are Marsovin and Delicata. These wineries in particular tend to organise wine tasting events for visitors and tourists if the group is large enough. Wine festivals are also presented by the above company’s right throughout Gozo and Malta periodically. If wine is something you revel in then a good winery visit during your stay is certainly recommended.

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