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5 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling in Southeast Asia

Staying healthy while traveling is important to everyone, but we often forget this until it’s too late. No one likes getting sick while traveling so here are some easy steps to take to stay healthy while traveling in Southeast Asia.

1. Vaccines/Immunizations

  • Before leaving on a trip check with your local doctor, and learn what vaccines/immunizations you can take before traveling to new travel destinations.
  • Check the CDC’s website for up-to-date travel destination health tips.

2. Anti-Diarrhea Medicine

Before traveling to Southeast Asia it is highly recommended that you bring Anti-Diarrhea medicine with you just in case.

Here are some ways to prevent food poisoning and diarrhea.

  • When choosing a place to eat try the recommendations from your hotel.
  • Choose restaurants with more people. If a lot of people/locals are eating there then chances are its safe.
  • Stay hydrated and only drink bottled water. (Check to make sure the bottle hasn’t been opened.)
  • Avoid Ice and beverages not made from boiled water.
  • Wash your Hands/ keep hand sanitizer with you.
  • Eat bananas; this will help keep your stomach happy.
  • If you have an easily upset stomach or don’t like spicy food, avoid the street food.

3. Mosquitos and other biters

  • Carry and use mosquito repellent.
  • Dengue fever is recurrent throughout Southeast Asia, and there are no vaccines yet for this so do your best to not get bit by using mosquito repellents.
  • Also, avoid the other critters that can bite such as bed bugs and even monkeys (Don’t feed the monkeys).

4. Rest

Often with the excitement of traveling to new places, travelers forget to receive proper rest.

  • If you’re tired take a nap.
  • Get your 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Don’t do anything too strenuous unless you’re prepared for it.

5. Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is always a good idea. These days Travel insurance companies make it so much easier and cheaper for travelers to be prepared for the unexpected, without having to pay ridiculous charges.

Enjoy your adventures in new and wonderful areas and stay safe while exploring the local flavor.

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