6 Great Sailing Destinations

Sailing destinations across the world are plenty and cater to diverse tastes. It is however difficult to rank them in order because each place has an exclusive beauty of its own. Given below is a list of great global destinations that you might like to visit.


The Abacos has some of the best fishing sites in the Bahamas. Well-known for amazing coral reefs, beach bars and museums, the place is sought after for its secluded charm. You get a fine view of the setting sun across the Atlantic. Quaint villages and eclectic shops dot the vicinity. You can visit a several historical museums like the Albert Lowe Museum and relish the paintings and sculptures.


Tortola is one of the British Virgin Islands, which draws tourists from far and wide to it white, powdery beaches, yacht harbors and green mountains. Tidal currents in the water are moderate and you can traverse to nearby places in very less time. The island has majestic rocks, flooded caves and amazing coral reefs.

The beach is ideal for adventure activities such as snorkeling  swimming, scuba diving and fishing. The beachside bars, luxury resorts and Main Street shops attract a lot of tourists. You can pick from a variety of local spices, rums, jams, jewelry at these shops.


Mahe is a tropical getaway is in Seychelles which is surrounded by the calm, relaxing waters of the Indian Ocean. The granite islands are at a distance from the East African coast which is well known for its wildlife, and lush forests. You get to see majestic palms, marine sanctuaries and beautiful coves in this destination. You can visit Seychelles‘s capital, Victoria for aerial sightseeing at The Bird Sanctuary of Cousin Island, La Digue Island and the St. Anne Marine National Park.


Phuket is Thailand is an exotic destination that lures travelers to its hidden bays, limestone pinnacles and exotic surrounding seas. It is situated in the center of Southeast Asia and is known as the Land of Smiles. You can enjoy the wonderful flora and fauna at marine parks and savor exotic Thai food.


Palermo is part of the Mediterranean paradise in Italy, which offers a diverse variety of activities. You can visit the beaches and engage in water adventures or explore picturesque towns. The towns are havens of ancient Arabic, Sicilian, Byzantine and Norman cultures. Punta Gavazzi is a prominent diving site in this place. Divers get a chance to wade through nautical artifacts like old Roman ships.

Boracay Island

Boracay is an island at Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient. It is famous for the world’s best white puka shells. The place is surrounded by charming villages, blue waters and coral reefs. You can engage in a variety of adventure activities or pass your time at the expansive golf course. The Bat Caves and Caves of the Flying Dogs of Yapak are popular tourist haunts.

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