A Luxurious Holiday in a Cannes, France

Cannes is well known for the annual Cannes Film Festival that is held there every year. However, you don’t have to visit the city during the film festival season only. It has a lot more to offer to you with its impeccable sense of style, glamorous crowd, stores of top brands, a posh lifestyle, amazing beaches and cultural events.

With the classy lifestyle of the people in Cannes, owing to the celebrity crowd the city witnesses, one thing is quite common in the city: luxury! You will find even the stores and normal cafes to be lavish than what you might find in your cities. So, finding a luxurious villa to rent here should not be a problem. Here are reasons why Cannes is preferred by many people for a plush holiday.


If you happen to visit Cannes in the month of May, you can witness superstars from all over the world walking around the city, shopping and relaxing. Wondering why? Because that is the time for the Cannes Film Festival. Nowhere else in the world can you see superstars, from such close quarters, hanging out in the city like normal people.

To cater to this elite crowd, the city has evolved into a super luxurious destination with top class facilities. You can find stores from all the leading designer brands and manufacturers. The crowd is also very posh and well mannered.


Cannes has more than 110 kilometers of perfect beaches that look very inviting. However, what makes this even more special is the perfect climate. More than 80% of the year has perfect sunshine allowing you to lounge on the beaches, some of which are attached to luxury resorts and villas. If you are willing to bear a heavy bill, you can hire a villa with its own private beach where you can lounge in solace without the nuisance associated with a crowd.

Another reason why Cannes is preferred by tourists is its geographic location. Other major cities of France like Paris and Nice are easily accessible from Cannes. Nice is just 30 kilometers away from Cannes and it takes 45-minutes to Paris from Cannes through air. Flights are available at regular intervals.

Golf and Clubs

A luxurious vacation is never complete without a game of golf and pristine clubs. And Cannes offers the best of the best to you in these aspects. There are many posh clubs and beautiful golf courses which are maintained really well. Some of the clubs are exclusive and you should have a reference or some contacts to get into them. These clubs will be frequented by movie stars and if you are lucky, you might get to play some holes with one of them.

Along with the clubs, there are some top-notch spas with highly skilled masseuses and every kind of wellness treatment that is there in the world today. The prices might seem over the top, but the experience makes it worth the heavy price tag.

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