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A Traveler’s Guide to Lanzarote

The most easterly of the Canary Islands is known as Lanzarote, and it is situated 79 miles off the coast of Africa. It is the fourth largest island in the Canaries with a length of 37 miles and width of 12 miles. The climate in Lanzarote is classified as mild and dry with temperatures ranging from 21 degrees Celsius in January to 29 in August. Combine this with an annual rainfall of 5.5 inches, and you have the perfect tourist destination all year round. As a visitor, you need to have some information on things to do and tourist attractions. Having this information can give you a better chance to plan your vacation.

The largest aquarium in the Canary Islands is the Lanzarote Aquarium. Hundreds of marine species can be observed as the aquarium boasts more than a million litres of water distributed in 33 aquariums. Some of the native marine species include “fulas”, “golden fishes” and triggerfish. Additionally, there is a wide range of beautiful tropical fishes including cleaning crabs, funny lobsters, globe fishes, poisonous fire dragons and clown fishes. If you are a visitor, you can use a submarine tunnel to observe an ample variety of sharks in a 400,000 litre main water tank. The aquarium also offers visitors a chance to dive into the tanks and have a closer experience with the sharks.

A day trip to Fuerteventura is also an interesting thing to do in Lanzarote. You go by ferry to Corralejo from Playa Blanca and the crossing is about fifteen minutes long. On arrival, you will discover turquoise waters in the Las Dunas natural park and a variety of fantastic white sand beaches. The duration of the day trip is about 9 hours and includes pick-up from your hotel, ferry fare, transfer to the beaches on arrival, a qualified English speaking guide and insurance. In the 9 hour duration, you have free time which you can use to go shopping, dining or having fun at the beach.

The Guinate Tropical Park & Penguin Paradise is a must see for any visitor especially those who are in Lanzarote for the first time. It is located at the foot of Mount Corona, which is an extinct volcano and one of the highest points on the island. The park is home to many species of fish, reptiles, animals and birds. The most unique feature of the park is the Penguin Paradise. The paradise not only gives you an insight to the behaviours and underwater life of penguins, but it also gives you a chance to view them using an underwater viewing pool.

If you are a windsurfer lover, you will have the time of your life in Lanzarote. It has the perfect windsurfing setting since it is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The best time to experience windsurfing is from April to September as there are regularly winds that blow from 4 to 6 Bft. You can also go for wind surfing during any other times, but the winds are not as favourable. Basically, Lanzarote is a beautiful destination with a wide range of activities for anyone who is planning a tourist holiday or vacation.

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