Top 10 Places to Visit in Accra, Ghana

There are many places in the world that have been underrated as tourism attractions. Accra, Ghana is one such place which has a lot to offer to the tourists. There are a lot of different places in this city which make it an appealing traveling destination. Let us have a glance at the top ten places that you must consider visiting in Accra.

National Theatre

The National Theatre, built in 1990, is one of the best places in Accra when it comes to performing arts. The theatre had been funded by the Chinese Government. Before the establishment of National Theatre, there was no place for local talent to unleash their capabilities. Tourists can visit the theatre and see the different types of performing arts. The three companies behind all performances are The National Theatre Players, The National Dance Company, and The National Symphony Orchestra.


Tourists who are particularly interested in knowing about the history of Accra will find Jamestown a good place to visit. The place had originally been established back in 17th century. The place has been considered one of the historic treasures of Accra. It is still being used as a fishing harbor by the city fishermen. The expansion of Accra city has also spread to Jamestown. Jamestown, once a scarcely populated area has a lot of population now.

Makola Market

When it comes to shopping, we can find all kinds of malls and supermarkets. But for traditional African shopping, there is no better place than the Makola Market. Tourists will not only be able to get a taste of typical African shopping but would also be able to get all daily use items from Makola Market like fresh food items, medicines, shoes, and pots etc. Tourists who intend to cook by themselves will find Makola Market a great place for their cooking supplies.

Labadi Beach

There are many beaches in Accra. Labadi Beach is one of the most famous beaches of all. There is a very small entrance fee for tourists who want to enter the beach. Tourists who are already residing in a hotel within the beach premises do not need to pay any entrance fee. The beach is well maintained owing to the efforts put in by local hotels. Tourists coming to the beach can enjoy a lot of musical performances like playback, hiplife, cultural drumming, and reggae.

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and Memorial Park

Every nation has its heroes to whom tributes are paid. Accra is no exception. This museum pays tribute to the first president and one of the most active independent strugglers of Ghana named Dr Kwane Nkrumah. Dr Kwane Nkrumah was among the forerunners in getting independence for Ghana. Tourists interested in knowing about the freedom struggle of Ghana will find a lot of valuable information in this museum.

Independence Square

This independence square is made to celebrate the independence of Ghana. Ghana gained independence in 1957. The square is also known as Black Star Square. The square has an eternal flame which had been lit back in 1961 by Nkrumah himself.

W.E.B. DuBois Memorial Centre

This is a centre dedicated to an American author and civil rights activist who dedicated his entire life to attain equality rights for black people. The write became disappointed by the fact that black people may never get equal rights and came from the US to Ghana. The center has been converted into a library with a lot of historical literature and monuments. Tourist must visit house no 22 where W.E.B. DuBois used to live.

Osu Castle

Osu Castle had been built back in 17th century. Over the period of time many rulers ruling Ghana had claims over it. The castle had been used for different purposes like for storing slaves before shipping and as headquarters for Danish Gold Coast etc. Tourists can visit the place despite of its controversial nature but they are not allowed to take pictures because of the history associated with this castle.

Artists Alliance Gallery

This is a very big gallery consisting of three floors dedicated to sculptures, fabrics, and paintings. There are all kinds of art items on display for shopping of tourists. You can buy items costing from few dollars to few thousand dollars. This is a great place for art loving enthusiasts who are typically interested in buying exotic art work.

Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop

This workshop belongs to one of the famous coffin designers Kane Kwei who designed coffins for people with carvings on them related to their own passion or life. The workshop is now owned by the grandson of Kane Kwei. Tourists visit this place to know more about the coffins and hear stories about the original inventor of these coffins. These coffins are still used in funerals locally.

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