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5 Tips on How to Take a Trip Around Japan Within Your Means

If you have a passion for travelling with the intention to explore wonderful destinations, why don’t you make plans for the Land of the Rising Sun? Yes, Japan is one of Asia’s most cultured nations dotted with sightseeing venues, national parks, posh eateries and shopping malls. Despite, it might be a bit expensive to explore Japan to the fullest. Owing to its developed industrial economy, food and transportation are a bit pricey. However, it’s always possible to explore this remarkable destination within your means.

So, here are 5 crucial suggestions following which you can fulfill your desire to travel around Japan within a reasonable budget. Take a look:

Contact Travel Agencies

If you are planning to travel to Japan from any corner of the world, you need to first shop around for airfare. There are several online travel agencies that offer discounts on ticket air tickets. Aim to fly mid-week since this can help you save up to hundreds of dollars. Rather, look for third-country airlines for cheaper rates.

Look for Mass Transit

Once you take your step in a new country, you might get directionless and end up emptying your pocket. Mass transit is a good way-out that can save you from spending lump sums. In order to make way to Tokyo from the Narita International Airport, try to catch a bus which will help you reach your hotel. Cabs and private cars might be too expensive. If required, visit the enquiry counter at the airport for help.

Look for an Inn

Remember, a traditional Japanese inn is known as ‘Ryokan’. Look for one of them so that you don’t burn holes in your pocket like many holiday makers do staying in hotels. Don’t worry; the ambiance here is quite pleasant and you are bound to have a comfortable stay here in a Ryokan. In fact, there are several websites visiting which can let you can book a Ryokan at affordable rates right from your home.

Spend Carefully on Food

Believe it or not, the Japanese do not live on Sushi day after day. In fact, you can always go for noodles, rice dishes, cutlets etc. Trying Tempura, Udon, Ramen, Tonkatsu and Yakitori will surely do a good job for your taste buds as well as your pocket.

Aim for Cultural Sites

Exploring Japan is equivalent to gathering an exclusive cultural experience. So, you can take trips to those destinations within the country that define the Japanese culture. For instance, making way to the Senso-ji Temple or the popular museums will hold you from paying lump sums.

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