11 Essential Air Travel Tips

Each year, millions of people fly to destinations all over the world. While flying is convenient, it can cause frustration for those who do not properly plan beforehand. Use the following tips for before you leave, while packing, and as you go through the airport to have a stress-free air travel experience.

  1. Select your flight seating as soon as possible. The sooner you choose your seat, the more seating options you have to pick from. Those with disabilities should choose their seat at least 24 hours in advance.
  2. Check-in online and print out your boarding pass ahead of time. As long as you are not checking luggage, you will be able to bypass the check-in line and go straight to security.
  3. Always figure out your transportation to and from the airport in advance. If you have an early or late flight, consider making airport parking reservations for safety and convenience, or arrange to have someone drive you if you are not driving yourself.
  4. Packing, when done the right way, can greatly reduce the amount of stress that comes with traveling. Make a list of must-haves that you will need so that you don’t forget any important items. Pack light, and try to only bring essential items.
  5. Stay up-to-date on TSA guidelines. Be sure that you check them prior to packing. While the guidelines are strict, it is important to follow them. Adhering to them can save you time when going through airport security.
  6. Pack your own toiletries to keep from having to buy expensive items from the airport. Make sure liquids are small enough to go in your carry-on, or pack them in your checked bag.
  7. Never pack your license or money in your suitcase. You will need to provide airport security with your ID, and you may need to have your wallet handy for any baggage fees.
  8. If bringing a laptop, be sure to pack it in a way where it is easily accessible so that you can take it out of your bag when going through security.
  9. Place luggage tags on all of your bags. Be sure to put your contact information on your tags so that someone can get in touch with you in case your bags are misplaced or stolen.
  10. Always pack your phone charger in your carry-on bag so that you can charge your phone in case of a delayed or canceled flight.
  11. Check your airline’s baggage guidelines before you head to the airport. Take advantage of any free checked bags that you can get. If you have a long layover, consider checking any heavier bags to avoid having to move them yourself through the airport.

Air travel doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Use these tips to make traveling enjoyable!

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