5 Amazing Road Trips in the World

Road trips are one of those things that inflame imagination: loved ones you haven’t had a chance to really connect with in a while, some good music or podcasts you have put off for lack of time, some snacks you might not allow yourself in your daily health-conscious life, and the open road with the freedom to stop whenever and wherever you want. What better way to discover the world?

The best way to take a road trip is with a well-equipped RV which will give you the freedom to stop and stay wherever you please in relative comfort. They can be intimidating to drive, but Motorhome manufacturers have done some tremendous progress in the ergonomics of their vehicles, and after a short learning curve, you will be good to go.

Here are five unforgettable road trips you should take in your lifetime.

1.Draa Valley, Morocco

If you are in need of some adventure, the Draa Valley is for you. This 95 km stretch of road follows the Draa River, an unassuming spring that rises from the Dades and the Imini in the mountains of the Highest Atlas in Morocco. In a place seemingly forgotten by time, you will enjoy the contrast of the red rugged mountains with the fertile green oasis fed by the Draa. Picturesque kasbahs and villages allow the travelers to get better acquainted with the delicious food and local art.

2. Big Sur, USA

Big Sur stretch on the California coast for 145 km south of San Francisco. Once a high point of the ultimate road trippers, the Beat generation, Big Sur is still one of those iconic drives you have to take at least once in your life. It is still mostly untouched, and its sometimes hair-raising drive will lead you to some familiar viewpoints like the Bixby Bridge. You will also experience some of the most amazing sunsets in your life over the Pacific Ocean.

3. Powder Highway, Canada

If you like skiing, this is the road trip for you. Pack your skis and your snowboards and head for British Columbia, where you can follow a 1094 km loop on Highway 95A, which will lead you to more than 60 ski destinations. This includes some of the best ski resorts in the world, such as Kicking Horse and Fernie. But the best part of the trip will be the unforgettable mountain views at every turn.

4. The Black Forest, Germany

The Black Forest in Germany is the motherland of a lot of traditional fairy tales, and you can definitely see why. Between picturesque villages and castles straight out of a storybook, dark forests (the road is aptly named) and snow-capped mountains, it is a land of endless wonder. Christmas time is a great moment to explore all the world-famous Christmas markets that will make you feel like a child again.

5. The Golden Road to Samarkand, Uzbekistan

If you are a seasoned traveler, you can follow the steps of one of the first road trip of mythical proportions. The Silk Road in Uzbekistan will require 8 to 10 days and some solid wheels (4WD required), but you will get a chance to experience some incredible historic places mostly untouched by mass tourism, including the breathtaking Samarkand.

Far or near, whether you are looking for an active adventure or a leisurely drive, there is always an opportunity to discover not places on your own terms. Road trips are one of the few travel options which are accessible to all, regardless of age and physical condition. So pack your bags. See you on the road!

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