7 Must Have Apps for the Green Traveler

What is green travel? The origin of this term stems from simply trying to protect the natural and cultural environment of the places you visit. This doesn’t necessarily mean walking everywhere you go, or sleeping in grass-roof huts. Green travel might be easier than you think, and here are seven apps to help you tour with respect to Mother Earth.

Find Green

The Find Green app searches the largest directory of green businesses in North America. With over 100,000 listings you can find green retailers, farmers markets, recycling centers, etc. While traveling, this is the perfect app to stay green no matter what activity you’re doing. This also helps support local businesses who are trying to be conscious of our environment.


Spotcycle is a free bike share system app. Many cities around the world are earning more green points by developing bike share systems. These systems allow people to rent bikes at one station and drop them off at another, saving on driving time or cab rides. This, in turn, minimizes the carbon dioxide (carbon footprint) released into the atmosphere. This app helps you locate those bike stations and bike paths, and you can even create custom bike paths and share them.


Public transportation is frequented by true tree huggers. If you’re traveling to Los Angeles, New York City, New Jersey, Chicago, or Washington DC, this app makes using public transportation easy by providing live train info, maps, schedules, service alerts and more. You can help reduce the carbon footprint in the cities where it is needed most.


The food that’s in season in your hometown isn’t always what’s in season where you’re visiting. This free app allows you to quickly search for seasonable foods no matter where you are. Need help finding that perfect peach after the app tells you you’re in Atlanta during prime peach season? Locavore also helps direct you to the nearest farmer’s market. Don’t stop there, though. Use the app to then find your favorite recipe for peach cobbler.


Conservationists spend a lot of their time concerned about their carbon footprint. This app makes calculating and tracking carbon emissions convenient. It also provides a section for sharing messages and travel tips with other Twavel users. With its twitter-like feel, carbon tracking will practically become a hobby or social event.


Some people buy electric vehicles in order to protect the environment, and then often have a difficult time finding a charging station. The Trapster app shows you where all of the nearest EV charging stations are located. This free app also gives you up to date information on the station. It lets you know if there is still a working charger there and the last time that was confirmed.

WiFi Finder

Don’t drive around forever searching for the nearest coffee shop to find free wifi. Search for public wifi anywhere in the world with this free app. WiFi Finder will then give you turn-by-turn directions to the nearest hotspot. The filter for the app also allows you to narrow your results by provider type, such as: restaurant, hotel, etc.

Use these apps to become the ultimate green traveler. If you already watch what you’re putting into the air, they will each help you become better or more efficient at it. If you haven’t paid much attention to your green efforts in the past, download these apps and become an environmentalist in no time.

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