Planning a Trip? Enter Your interests and These 4 Tools Will Plan the Trip for You!

There is nothing that people enjoy more than to be able to have a relaxing vacation after a year of hard work. We are living in times that are very hectic and we are hardly ever allowed to relax. The stress level of the modern world has truly made it essential for people to be able to kick back and have a fun and relaxing time so that they can recharge their batteries and get back to work with a clear mind. You will save yourself many hours that can be spend relaxing instead of searching for all the things you are going to need for your trip. Here are 5 tools which will help you organize your trip more easily:

Plnnr provides you with customized trip plans. All you need to do is select your destination (you can choose from between several European cities as well as 3 in the U.S. and one in Canada). Then you feed the tool with your arrival date and the number of days you wish to spend there. Do you want to spend your time outdoors or in a museum? You can decide upon this too. Now it’s time to choose if the trip has to be tiring or rather relaxing and what standard of the hotel you wish to stay in. That’s it! The tool shows you a handy map with the trip route and all attractions and marked on it. Links to the hotels are there too.

City Trip Planner

You can also try City Trip Planner. Think of this website as an online shop, but instead of placing items in a cart, you buy and organize your entire trip in one place. You start by selecting your destination and you are then taken to a page that allows you to schedule each day of your trip. The options allow you do find the best deals for your plane tickets and all the available options will be displayed to you with a very intuitive interface that allows you to start adding each selection you make. You can find best car rental options so that you will have transportation waiting for you once you reach your destination.

You can check for all the hotels available in the chosen city. The site even offers an option that lets you choose if you want to be very active on your vacations or you prefer to relax and take it slow. Depending on your decision you will be given a very different schedule and the best locations and activities will have high priority if you want to relax instead of being active all day long on your vacations.


A similar tool, GoPlanIt, on the other hand, offers city trip plans for major U.S. cities. There is a mobile version of it, so it will come in handy when visiting the chosen city.

Budget Your Trip

If you are looking for affordable excursions, visit Budget Your Trip – it presents average daily costs per person of various things, such as accommodation, transportation or alcohol. The prices can be converted to different currencies. The site gives also practical tips to travelers as well as. You can choose from between countries from every continent.

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