10 Safety Travel Tips for Australian Travelers

When traveling in faraway places like Australia, safety should be your number one concern. Having a fun and adventurous vacation here in The Land Down Under definitely hinges on safety. Being safe is easy when you follow guidelines and employ a bit of common sense. Here are 10 safety tips of Australian travelers:

1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Australia is, in general, a very safe country to visit. However, safe travelers everywhere need to be aware of surroundings and plan ahead to be prepared for new environments, weather, temperatures, etc.

2. Passport Safety

As with travel anywhere, better safe than sorry when it comes to your passport. You should keep your passport with you at all times. They make passport wallets and carriers especially for this. That way, in any worst case scenario or losing your bag, you still have your passport.

3. Maps Are a Traveler’s Friend

Mapping out your destinations ahead of time is a good tip. This will make sure that you know you know where you are going and how long it will take to get there. This will also ensure you are not late for any tours, guides, or events.

4. Travel by Car

Since Australia is such a great expanse; it is a great idea to hire your own car so that you are free to go where you want when you want. However, before leaving in your car, make sure to ask for a safety inspection and always keep a full tank of gas.

5. Plan Ahead Online

Researching online can help your trip go smoothly and also save you quite a bit of money too. Looking online ahead of time can help you to locate hotels and hostels, the best restaurants to eat at and the best tours to take. Rely on previous travellers’ reviews. There are also several applications which can help you during your trip. Getting online while in Australia can be expensive, but if you investigate ahead of time, you can find coffee houses and fast food restaurants that offer free Wi-Fi.

6. Protection from the Sun

As you know, Australia is known for hot temperatures and very strong rays from the sun. Sun block of SPF 30 or higher is recommended. You can research the best sun block for Australia ahead of time and that can also help you find the best deals. If possible, get smaller, travel size bottles so that you can keep some with you at all times. Reapplication is one of the keys to good sun protection. Even if you are not at the beach, use sun block every day, at all times. However, when you are staying at the beach it is always a good idea to invest in a sun cover up that provides some shade and relief from the sun.

7. Daily Weather Check

Check the weather ahead of time and then check it again daily, if possible while you are on your vacation. This way, you will know what clothes to pack for the day. Dealing with incremental weather is much easier when you are prepared with jackets, umbrellas, etc.

8. Stay Hydrated

Take water bottles with you and refill them at water fountains whenever possible. It is also a good idea to keep granola bars or other high protein snacks with you to keep your energy up between meals. Do not drink water labelled as “bore water”, that is not safe for human consumption. Keeping your supplies with you will ensure that you do not have to stop in unfamiliar places to get drinks and snacks.

In addition to staying hydrated and nourished during your travels, it’s important to be prepared for unexpected health issues. Consider packing a basic first-aid kit to address minor injuries and ailments. Furthermore, if you have specific medical conditions or require regular treatments, consult with your healthcare provider to explore options for at home IV treatments that can help maintain your health and energy levels on the go.

9. Get Educated about the Animals in Oz

Australia is well known for all kinds of scary animals. In truth, injuries from animals are quite rare. You can make sure that they are even more obscure on your trip by looking out for snakes and spiders while in the Outback or hiking. Seek out expert information about crocodiles before camping, swimming in lakes, or fishing, and avoid marine stingers and sharks by swimming within the designated flags. Also, sharks are most active at dusk and dawn.

10. Emergency Service

Dial 000 anywhere in Australia for Emergency Service

Now that you have all of the safety tips you need when you travel through Australia, where are the best places to go? We have listed the top 5 destination cities in Australia with great vacation spots in each city.

1. Sydney is the capital city of Australia and one of the most popular spots for holiday travellers. When you are visiting Sydney on holiday, here are some of the top destinations:

  • Sydney Opera House
  • Darling Harbour
  • Marine Aquarium
  • Taronga Zoo
  • Mainly Beach
  • Sydney Tower
  • Blue Mountains
  • Sydney Nightlife

2. Not too many people have heard of Cairns, however it is the port city to The Great Barrier Reef. Besides visiting the Great Barrier Reef (the largest and most diverse coral reef in the world stretching 80 acres) Cairns is also home to:

  • Kuranda Rainforest
  • Nearby Daintree National Park which boasts the largest variety of plants per square meter on the planet.

3. Gold Coast is a popular beach destination for sunbathers and surfers. However, when visiting Gold Coast, you can also experience:

  • Theme Parks
  • Night Life in Surfer’s Paradise
  • Scenic mountains and national parks

4. Perth is located on the far coast in Western Australia with many activities for those on holiday. Kokerbin Natural Reserve is nearby and when you stay in Perth you can choose to play on the beaches or go sight-seeing in search of animal adventures or aboriginal culture. Here are some of the things to do in Perth:

  • Perth Zoo
  • Perth Mint
  • Stirling Gardens
  • Lake Monger
  • Museums, art galleries, theatres, and other cultural exhibits.

5. Tasmania is known for its beautiful landscapes, a place you can really get in touch with nature:

  • Beautiful Beaches
  • Majestic Mountains
  • Peaceful Lagoons
  • Spectacular Wildlife
  • Unique Historical sites

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