Barri Gotic -The Real Barcelona: Top 5 Must See Landmarks

The Bari Gotic also Known as Gothic quarter of Barcelona, Bari Gotic is one of the districts of Barcelona, Spain. This is the oldest part of the city and is famous for its alleyways and little streets, in close vicinity are the Gothic cathedral and royal palace where Columbus was received by Fernando and Isabel from his discovery of the new world.

You need at least 2-3 days to fully explore the Bari Gotic area. Here is our list of 5 must see place in the area.

1. The Cathedral

This immense cathedral dominated the Bari Gotic area, The façade and Spire are 19th century additions to the original Gothic structure. Inside the building you can get a glimpse of many medieval Catalan artistic works including some prominent paintings.

2. Casa de l’Ardiaca

Also known as the Archdeacon’s House is built on the roman city wall, the structure reflects a combination of gothic and Renaissance architecture and currently hosts Barcelona historical archives.

3. Museu Frederic Marès

The Federic Mares Museum was founded by a sculptor (1893-1991), the attractions of this museum is it’s astonishingly diverse and high-quality collections.

4. The Roman Wall

To an extent Romans were the first real architects of Barcelona, The roman wall built around 3rd century AD is a main attraction in the old town still the remains of this great achievement could been seen in streets and squares of Barri Gotic.

5. Casa de la Ciutat

Casa de la Ciutat, or in simple words Barcelona city hall dates back to 14th century built for city’s 100 councilors, this inspiring structure stands on one side of the Plaça Sant Jaume, at the center of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter and facing Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

Our recommended restaurant in the area would be Cafe de l’Academia, it has all the Mediterranean ingredients cuisine, stone walls, bamboo chairs and traditional music playing in the backdrop. Another restaurant you can try is La Cereria- At the corner of Baixada de Sant Miquel the café serves light Mediterranean cuisine famous for its rice dishes and vegetable salads.

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