Travel Tips to Make Your Next Beach Vacation Perfect

Every summer, millions of people flock to the world’s beaches each and every day. There’s no more relaxing way to get away from the heat than to sit on a perfect sandy beach, listening to the waves crash around you. However, if you’re not adequately prepared, your beach trip can turn into a disaster.

Here’s our guide on how to make your next beach trip absolutely perfect.

1. Carry a beach bag

Okay, you might be thinking that any bag you take to the beach can be a beach bag, right? Actually, if you choose the wrong bag to bring to the beach, you’ll definitely end up taking a lot of the beach back home with you. There’s only one way to avoid having a sandy car and sandy home after a beach trip, and that’s to take a sand-free mesh beach bag with you. That means that when you’re done, you can just shake the bag and the sand will fall out.

2. Learn to read the rip tide

Riptides can be a disaster and can even lead to fatalities. These deadly currents occur when the waves that have just crashed onto the beach begin to recede back to the ocean, taking everything in its path with it. If you are in the path of a riptide, you’ll be dragged out with the current. Busy beaches have lifeguards who watch over the tides to make sure people stay safe, but by avoiding them altogether you’ll be able to enjoy your beach day without worry. Look for patches in the water that seem to calm and you’ll see debris or seaweed moving in a channel. Stay away! If you do get stuck in one, swim parallel to shore to get out of the tide.

3. Use sunscreen

It’s highly important for everyone, regardless of their skin tone, to wear sunscreen when on the beach. You might be thinking that only fair skinned people have to worry but this is wrong. Every minute you spend in the sun without protection increases your chances of developing skin cancer. This isn’t something you want to mess with so take the time to ensure that your skin is covered. If you’re bringing the kids to your beach day, the best way to protect them from the sun and the wind is to bring a beach tent. These tents are small and lightweight, and super easy to set up, plus they’ll protect your kids all day long.

4. Check conditions online before you go

If anything can ruin a perfect beach day, it’s not realizing that a beach has an event on that day. Some events can take up the whole beach, such as iron man events or beach closures. Handy guides such as the Seaside Planet can also give you information and reviews on beaches so you can be fully prepared and know what to expect. This can help you choose the best beach so that you have the best beach day ever.

The beach is a great place to relax and have a fun day with your friends and family, especially at the peak of summer. Following these helpful tips will ensure that your beach experience is taken to the next level. You’ll be making sure your beach adventures will be memories you never forget.

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