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8 of the World’s Best Beach Vacation Destinations

The calm blue sea is an endless hope, a source to relax your mind and sometimes to enjoy and have fun. The smell of salty water, breeze around and gentle roar of waves, all combine to create a sense of peace and calm. Sun drenched sandy beaches, resorts, water sports are all enough to play in the waves and enjoy the your vacation. Here is a guide to you to select a best beach, which will surely delight your vacation.

Tulum Trail

Tulum beach at Mexico is one of the sandy powder beaches with isolated rocks, semi private beach and resorts to make your vacation joyful. You have a good chance to feel the architecture of ruins and awe of this ancient notoriously advanced civilization here. Christmas and spring break is the peak season, when it has highest visitors.

Sand Diego

San Diego with its finest beaches is top vacation destinations of tourists. Ocean beach is an ideal place for swimmers, sunbathers and surfers with its nice beach and to add to it the great dining, vibrant nightlife, antique malls and friendly locals multiplies the joy of holidaying here. Pacific beach offers variety of options other than miles of beach; it’s a great place to find fun in the sun and its lively atmosphere is great attraction. Coronado beach is another place to hang out where you can enjoy tide pools during low tides, fishing and sports like beach volleyball.

Dalmation Coast, Croatia

Spectacular beaches, Roman ruins, architecture, fishing ports and the historic cities of the area would surely make your trip worthwhile. Spectacular coast is speckled with offshore islands and the passages between these islands are a heaven for sailors and cruisers. Diving, yachting, kayaking and other outdoor activities are very popular in Croatia and the beautiful wooded islands are of great attraction to visitors.

Best Beaches of Curacao

Pampoen beach is one of the top diving spot. This small beach has good cuisines and locals are friendly. There are many such small beaches with sandy shores with limestone cliffs and trees and quiet environment ensure calm atmosphere. You can spend whole day at beaches by playing, swimming, sunbathing and diving, at tiny beaches of Curacao. Some of the best beaches are namely, Knip beach, Little Knip beach, Playa Jeremi and Cas abao.

Punta Cana, Dominion Republic

It is known for its many resorts and long white beaches, swaying coconut trees and crystal clear water. They offer many water sports such as kayaking, glass-bottom boat rides and parasailing, which are most popular here. With calm water, and pleasant weather throughout the year they are the top vacation destinations of travelers. You will never get bored here, that’s for sure!

The Beaches of Vieques Island

The small island is blessed with wonderful perfect beaches with clear blue and turquoise water and these beaches are alike from any other in Caribbean islands. You have a lot to explore in beaches, because they are many.  They all seem dreamy, serene and romantic and you would definitely find the time spent to be memorable.


These beaches are much different from other beaches in Greece. Geographical features of these are that makes them a hot tourist spot. With its red and black volcanic pebbles and warm water, Red beach is an awesome spot for visitors. Cape columbo is another fine calm spot here, which is amidst a wild landscape. The rocks here are well formatted by wind and waves and they are all spectacular for the tourists. Beaches of Kamari, Perissa are also good places for beach hangouts.


It offers you a spectrum of sights with blue lagoons, sandy beaches, sunsets and a perfect beach vacation to you.  Thailand visit will surely be a memorable for you. Koh Phi Phi, Phang Nga Bay and Patong Beach are well known for diving, snorkeling, wind surfing and to set a sail around. Apart from these, there are many more marvels to explore inland. Good transport facilities aids well and make your beach holiday pleasurable.

To sum it up it can be said that vacations are meant to be enjoyed with family and friends and a beach vacation is perfect for that. Resorts, adventure sports and being in cradle of Mother Nature will surely take you out of your hectic schedules and soothe you and make feel better.

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