Best Beaches in St. Martin

St. Martin is the perfect destination island for sun worshippers and those who love the relaxed beach lifestyle. The island is home to 37 beaches as well as the largest lagoon in the Caribbean. Is the perfect mix of two nations who share the island – the French and the Dutch. With over 3,000 hours of sunshine each year and a balmy tropical climate, it is an ideal beach holiday island.

Most Popular Beaches

  • The area of Terres Basses on the Western side of St. Martin is a residential community past the Simpson Bay Lagoon and home to the most spectacular and popular beaches on the island.
  • Baie Rouge or ‘Red Bay’ is one of the most beautiful on St. Martin. It is named after the pinkish almost red color stretch of unspoiled sand and has a breath taking view of neighboring island Anguilla. There are great beach bars dotted around the beach such as ‘Gus’ and ‘Raymond’s’.
  • Baie Longue or ‘Long Bay’ is the destination beach of the rich and famous. It is considered to be the most chic on the island along with being one of the longest at 2 miles in length. It is home to some of the most elegant homes on St. Martin and the famous La Samanna Hotel.

Best Party Lifestyle Beach

Orient Bay beach in the North-eastern part of the island is known as ‘The St. Tropez of the Caribbean’ due to its popularity, size and lots of amenities. It has everything from beach restaurants, hotels, shops and water sports and is a jetsetter and socialite hotspot.

Best Unspoiled Beaches

  • Plum Bay is a secluded beach that is perfect for peace and harmony, making it one of the most romantic beaches on the island. When the seas are calm it provides the perfect setting for snorkeling and when there are large swells it attracts experienced surfers.
  • Lover’s Beach is the smallest beach on St. Martin and is situated in the rocky coastline of ‘Pointe Arago’. It is a hidden gem and is named Lovers Beach because it can only accommodate two people at a time.

Best for Naturists

Cupecoy Beach lies at the foot of dramatic sandstone cliffs on the South West of the Island. Is comprises of a series of pretty coves. At the western end of the beach, clothing is optional and it has become a haven for naturists.

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