9 Must-See Cities in Australia

Australia is one of the larger countries in the world, but it is not densely populated. Even though it does not have a big population, it has several amazing cities that are among the most beautiful cities in the world. In this post we will show you: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Cairns. These cities are located in different parts of Australia, away from each other, but are surely worth visiting.


Sydney is the most populated city in Australia with a population of about 4,760,000. It is located in southeastern Australia on the coast of the Tasman Sea. The most famous building in Sydney and one of the most famous buildings in the whole world is the Sydney Opera House, located in Sydney Harbour.


Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, with a population of about 4.35 million. It is the capital of Victoria, a state located in the southeastern Australia.


Brisbane is located on the eastern coast of Australia in the state of Queensland. It is the third most populous city in Australia with a population of about 2.2 million. It was established by European settlers in 1824.


Adelaide is located in southern Australia. It is capital of the state of South Australia with population of about 1.29 million.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast is the sixth largest city in Australia with a population of about 560,000. It is located on the eastern coast, about 94 kilometers from Brisbane. It is a popular tourist destination.


Perth is located on the western coast of Australia. It is the fourth largest city in Australia with a population of about 1.97 million.


Canberra is the capital city of Australia. It has a population of just about 380,000, but it is the largest inland city in Australia.


Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania, an island located 240 kilometers to the south of the Australian continent.


Cairns is located in the far north of Queensland. It was founded in 1876 and became a major port for exporting sugar cane, gold and other metals in that part of Australia.

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