14 Websites to Get the Best Cruise Deals

If you’re looking for a great deal on a cruise there are a number of websites that exist specifically to make your search easier. While top travel sites like Travelzoo, Expedia, Orbitz and others have sections specifically for cruises, we’ll be looking at sites that focus exclusively on cruises. Here are 15 of the best.


Search for your cruise or view their top deals on cruises under 7 nights, exactly 7 nights, over 7 nights, and deals close to home.

Cruise Experts

Search by destination, embarkation port, date, cruise line, cruise ship, or browse the best closeout deals.


Search for your perfect cruise or browse last minute cruise deals, senior cruise deals, close to home deals, or deals by cruise line.


Search for a cruise deal or browse group cruise deals, family cruise deals, honeymoon cruise deals, solo cruise deals, and more.


Search for the cruise of your choice or browse limited time cruise line deals, special offers, or deals by state.


America’s largest cruise agency allows you to search for your cruise by destination, cruise line, departure port, length, or date. You can also get plenty of information about destinations and cruise lines.


Search for your cruise or browse their featured deals. You can also browse specialty cruises like culinary cruises, wedding cruises, wine cruises, and more.


Enter the details of the cruise you are looking for and let travel agents send you details of their best offers.

Cruise Critic Bargains

Cruise Critic is a great site for researching cruises, and their site also includes a section for top deals.


Search for your cruise or browse top deals and last minute deals.

Alaska Cruises

If you’re looking for a deal on an Alaskan cruise, Alasks Cruises is a great site for you. Search for a cruise, view their hot deals, or enter your details and get a free quote.

Cruise Direct

Search for a cruise or browse featured deals and last minute deals. You can also request a quote for group cruises.


Search for a cruise or browse their best deals.


Use the cruise finder to search for your cruise, browse the hot deals, or get a free quote.

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