Best Of Dubai: Ambience, Perfection And Entertainment

I still remember the time, when my family members suggested I go to Dubai for a winter vacation. I thought it was not a good idea as I was aware that the place is too hot and surrounded by a desert which might bring a lot of heat as well. Well, there are many other places which must be visited on a winter vacation like beaches, coastal areas, etc. where you can experience some warmth in winters. At last, I went to the central Arabian Gulf, Dubai. This was my first vacation destination that did not excite me prior to the trip

It was then when I was in the airport and trust me the first sight of the place showed me that I was wrong. I was dumbstruck to see the infrastructure of this place. The tall buildings and the cleanliness is the first thing which impresses visitors. I came to know that this place is the financial center of the world. With so many sky scrapers in Dubai, this place enjoys the element of luxury and comfort. The communication is awesome in this place as well as cheap. There are so many things which I have experienced in Dubai which deserve to be mentioned.

The best 10 things which are to be done in Dubai:

1. The Burj Khalifa Is a Must Visit

The tallest man made structure in the whole planet is a must visit. Of course, you can have the sight of this place from everywhere in Dubai. But, it will be great if you should visit the tower yourself.

2. Dhow Dubai Cruise

A Dhow Dubai Cruise could be one of the most romantic evenings of your life. If you want to experience such a promising evening, then you must go for the Dhow Dubai Cruise, which promises you to pass quality time on the wooden boats with a barbeque dinner.

3. Dubai Desert Safari

Apart from the idea of deserts being deserts, the scenario is completely different here. With a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, there are certainly many more, things to see and enjoy as well. The climate is quite adaptable as well when you go in winters as this is the best time for visiting Dubai.

4. Camel Ride

Many of you might know the Arab countries are known for deserts and it is just evident to see camels, a lot of them. Do not forget to have a ride on them. I tried and it was an awesome experience.

5. Ski Dubai

Imagine snow in the midst of a desert. Yes, it is true, there is a beautiful artificially created snow area which also provides the facility of skiing.

6. Hatta Trek

A trek that takes you up to the Hajjar Mountains which is way to the Hatta town and the Hatta fort.

7. Yacht Charter Dubai

One of the best services in Dubai is the yacht rental which offers booking beautiful boat with nice arrangements. One can book them for having a full-fledged family entertainment.

8. Massage in Dubai

The massage parlor is something very popular. This means you must try if you are really tired from your work pressure.

9. Hot Air Balloon Adventure

This is something which makes you amused and at the same time you experience adventure.

10. Mall Of Emirates

One of the giant shopping malls in Dubai and world which is a must visit. They have several arrangements in this place especially for the kids.

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