The Best Websites to Help You Book a Hostel

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Hostels low cost accommodation for travelers compared to typical hotel rooms. Some travelers prefer staying in hostels because of the social aspect of getting to connect with others.

There are a number of websites that exist for the purpose of helping travelers find hostels in the right locations. In this post we’ll look at some of the most popular sites for finding and booking hostels. In addition to the ones listed here there are many smaller sites that focus on hostels in a particular country or city, so if you are unable to find what you are looking for do a Google search for hostels in the city where you are traveling and you may find a great local resource. is one the best places to start. Their database currently includes more than 34,000 hostels worldwide. You can search by the city and date of your travel, or you can browse through the top-rated hostels or popular destinations.

HostelBookers claims to be 8.7% cheaper than You can search by destination and travel date. HostelBookers also offers the option to let them take care of your group travel plans.


Hostelling International
Hostelling International is the brand name of more than 90 Youth Hostel Associations in 90 countries, operating 4,000 hostels. On their site you can search and book at any of their 4,000+ hostels worldwide.

Hostelling International has a simple user interface for searching and you can book at more than 40,000 hostels in more than 8,000 cities.

Hostels of Europe
Hostels of Europe allows you to search and book at more than 3,000 independently-owned hostels throughout Europe.

Hostels of Europe

Hostelling International USA
Hostelling International USA is a non-profit organization. You can search and book hostels in the U.S., as well as internationally.They offer membership, free to those under 18 and for a fee to adults.

Hostelling International USA
At you can search and book hostels and budget hotel rooms. Group accommodations for 10 people or more are available.

BootsnAll Hostels
BootsnAll has a hostel search that includes more than 40,000 hostels worldwide.

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