Budget Travel Hacks – Booking an Airport Transfer

Traveling is no easy task, starting from booking flights, to knowing what to pack, to knowing how you will be going to and from the airport to the hotel. It can become a bit tricky. One of the reasons it becomes tricky is the coordination of it all, knowing when the flight will land and what time to book an airport transfer, for instance, is really difficult as you never know what issues you may run into or if the flight will be delayed. If you are on a budget, that can create more difficulty since you will have to be very careful about what you are spending your money on.

Below are some hacks that you can try if you are traveling on a budget and in need of airport transfer.

Shared vs. Private Transfers

Depending on where you are going, there should be both options of shared and private transfers. Shared transfers are buses or minibuses that take people who are going to relatively the same location. These are ideal if you are one or two people, and don’t need a lot of space. These take time, yet they are really cheap, as are other shared rides such as UberPool. Private transfers on the other hand, are very useful if you are traveling with a family or with a group of friends, so asking for a large ride fit for lots of luggage and people going to the same place is ideal. Private transfers are also ideal if you are in a hurry and need to go to your hotel as quickly as possible. If you are on a budget, then a shared shuttle is ideal since it costs less. It is possible though to find private rides that are within budget, just make sure you check carefully in advance.

Book in Advance

Even though there are issues with booking in advance, such as flight delays and issues with luggage that might make you late, it is the best option. Regardless of whether or not you are going to book a shared or a private transfer, like booking a flight ticket, it is cheaper when you book it in advance. Last minute bookings are usually more expensive and are not as available as you would like them to be. Try booking within the same week or at least a few hours before your plane ride in case any issues arise.

Compare Prices

Not all airport transfers come in the same price, some are way more expensive than others. It would seem as though this depends on quality, but that is not always the case. According to Jayride, organizing airport transfers can become extremely tedious, so you will need to compare prices of different companies that provide either shared shuttles or private cars. They also provide reviews of these different companies with instant booking and online payment. When you are on a budget, check for the best reviewed company that is also within the budget so that there are no surprises in the future.

Check Booking and Cancellation Fees

In case of any issues, check cancellation fees beforehand. If for any reason you run into a problem or change your mind last minute, or a friend decides to surprise you and pick you up and you would need to cancel. Make sure to check the cancellation fees before you book. Cancellation fees are sometimes almost the same price as booking, which is considered a scam to a certain extent, especially if the company does not disclose that with you. Also make sure that if something happens with the flight and you are late for the ride, that you are not charged a hefty price for it.

Check Booking and Price Guarantees

If you are booking straight from the company’s website, make sure there are booking and price guarantees. Booking guarantees include that the ride will actually show up and will show up on time. Price guarantees are also essential as in some instances, people will pay online beforehand, and are asked to pay once more once they reach their final destination.

As booking is a difficult and tedious task as mentioned, it is important to do everything in advance and do as much research as possible. Start with where it is that you are going and what is available in that area and know the limit of your budget. Websites that compare and suggest transfers will be your best friend in this case as the reviews and prices will be posted directly on them without you having to jump through hoops to find the perfect ride.

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