Camping Getaways on a Shoe-String Budget

Since the recession hit many of us have begun opting for a more traditional domestic staycation for our summer vacations, heading to the many beautiful hot spots that we’ve often overlooked in favor of foreign destinations.

Sadly though, it seems these domestic trips can cost just as much (and sometimes more!) than a trip to sunnier climates. But vacations don’t have to cost the earth. Think about how much you spend on accommodation for one, cut that out and you’ve already saved yourself a small fortune!

That’s all well and good you might be saying, but where would I sleep? Well, have you ever considered camping?

It may not sound as glamorous as a five star hotel with room service and Egyptian cotton sheets but getting out and about in the great outdoors is a fantastic way to spend time together as a family and really make the most of what your chosen destination has to offer.

What Will You Need?

There are plenty of extras you can buy to deck out your tent these days so camping needn’t be all about going back to basics. It can be such a luxurious experience in fact that many people have adopted the phrase ‘glamping’ for ‘glamorous camping!’ and now you can be one of them. Start by picking up a good quality tent from a reputable retailer; if you’re inexperienced in this field then there’s always loads of help in these stores. You don’t have to break the bank to do this, you can pick up discount Vango or Outwell tent at a number of retailers for example, and that will last for years and provide a quality camping experience. If you’re lucky enough some may still have some of last year’s range hanging around that they want to get rid of cheaply.

Depending on how many home comforts you want to recreate! You can get plenty of extras fairly cheaply if you shop around; don’t forget cutlery, cooking equipment and sleeping mats, footprints for tents and chairs – these things will make your camping holiday relaxing and enjoyable. If you go in to stores you can find some real bargains but remember online you’ll often find really good discounts and promotions.

How Else Can I Save Money

To really complete your trip on a budget take empty water bottles and refillable containers with you. While out hiking it’s vital to keep hydrated so this isn’t just a money saving tip – it’s a lifesaving tip! Meals can also be done cheaply but taking pastas, rice and sauces – you could even research which parts of the nature around you are edible.

Beat the Chill

One thing that puts many of us of the idea of camping is the thought of going to bed on a cold, hard surface each night! These days it doesn’t need to be this way thanks to the revolutionary invention of carpets for tents! This handy creation will help keep the heat in and provide a softer surface for you to lay your head on at the end of a fun-filled day. If that’s not enough, you can even buy mattresses designed specifically for tents, to get a real home-from-home experience.

You might think that these little extras will all add up to almost as much as you would pay for a short break in a hotel but remember, you pay out once for this equipment and there’s no limit to the number of vacations you can enjoy. All you’ll need to pay out for is a campsite fee to pitch your tent and you’re good to go!

Possibly the best thing about camping vacations is you’re not restricted either. If the destination doesn’t live up to your expectations, you haven’t lost anything; you can simply pack up your tent and move onto somewhere that better meets your requirements. Camping offers such a flexible and spontaneous holiday experience, you’re sure to treasure the memories for years to come!

If you want to have a camping trip on a shoe string budget its possible – the key to it’s success is in the planning. Prepare the equipment you need and buy it in advance after shopping around; and if you plan your meals in properly you can live like kings on a budget of next to nothing.

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