Budget Travel to Expensive Destinations

If you had a lot of money, would you go on a luxury trip around the world? My answer to that is a resounding yes. From the most exotic destinations in Asia to the jungles of Africa, there are plenty of places around the globe that I would love to discover.

The problem is that I have yet to buy that million-dollar winning ticket in the lottery. So what’s a not-so-rich person supposed to do in the meantime? If there are a lot of destinations that you would like to cross off your travel bucket list, you can actually plan a vacation without burning a hole in your pocket.

Even if your destination is a centuries-old city in Europe where a cup of coffee in a quaint cafe costs an arm and a leg, you can still plan a vacation in a budget-friendly manner. In the following section, I’ll be dishing out tips on how you can turn a luxury trip into an affordable vacation.

My Top Tips on How to Turn a Luxury Trip into a Budget Vacation

Perhaps the number one thing that you need to do is to decide which location to visit. Are you planning to explore North America, Asia, Africa or Western Europe? Is your idea of an idyllic vacation lounging by the beach, doing absolutely nothing? Or would you rather participate in world-famous street festivals? No matter which vacation destination it is that you end up choosing, it is important to do your research beforehand.

Now comes the good part. Here is my collection of top tips on how you can turn a luxury trip into a budget vacation:

Look for all-in travel packages.

Even if my vacation leave at work is still months away, my guilty pleasure is going online to look for all-in travel packages. I find these offers to be a hassle-free way of planning a vacation because for one flat rate, the flights, accommodations, airport transfers, guided tours and sometimes even hotel breakfasts can all be booked for you.

Book your flights and accommodations in advance.

If all-in travel packages are not for you, book the flights and accommodations separately – but make sure to do it in advance so that you can take advantage of lower rates. To save money on accommodations, you can look for hotel alternatives like bed and breakfasts, inns or budget hostels.

Take advantage of group discounts.

If you’re travelling with friends or family, take advantage of group discounts.

Immerse yourself in the culture and live like a local.

The best way to experience what a country is all about is to immerse yourself in the culture. Live as the locals do, hang out in the cheapest watering holes and make friends with the residents.

Travel during the off-peak tourist season.

Lastly, make your travel dates flexible so that you can take advantage of lower rates during the off-peak season.

With my collection of budget travel tips, I’m sure that you’re already looking forward to your next vacation as I am to mine.

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