Buying vs. Renting a Campervan – Know the Differences


When it comes to camping, most people face the dilemma of whether they should purchase a campervan or simply rent one. While each option has its advantages & disadvantages, you must remember that if you’re new to the concept of a campervan, then renting before buying one should be the most prudent option. This is because you’ll be able to get first-hand experience whether you like using a campervan or not, before committing to the full purchase.

Hence, we have formulated an in-depth guide containing all the essential factors that you need to take a look at before you decide whether you should rent or buy a campervan. 

Factors To Understand When Renting Vs Buying A Campervan

1. Know Your Commitment Level

According to a well-known company offering campers for rent in Colorado, you have to first learn whether you’re ready to take the step of owning a campervan before you buy one. It can be possible that you may have several other responsibilities at hand that you need to fulfill before you can purchase a campervan. If that’s the case, then renting a campervan instead would be a better idea. 

By renting a campervan, you can use a campervan whenever you head out on camping trips and later on return to your normal life, without any strings attached. 

2. Know Your Frequency Of Usage

Before buying a campervan, you must ask yourself the question – how much will be the overall usage? If you’re not going to use your campervan often, then you can easily save a lot of money by renting your campervan instead. 

Moreover, you must remember that when you buy a campervan, you have to keep in perspective the place where you’d be storing it. A campervan won’t fit into your usual garage, which means that you have to pay extra for the parking space. Additionally, you have to properly maintain, pay taxes and insurance for the same as well. 

Thus, if you’re not ready to pay for all of the above-mentioned miscellaneous costs, then it’s better to simply go the renting route. 

3. Know The Things You’d Want In Your Campervan

Buying a campervan doesn’t mean ‘end of story’ – you have to purchase the additional amenities that will provide features inside your campervan. These include beds, kitchen essentials, tables, refrigerators, and so on. But, if you have no prior experience with campervans, you’ll not know what you need and what you don’t. That’s why renting a campervan, especially for first-timers is crucial.

When you rent your campervan, you can select the amenities or features you want. As a result, you can obtain a pretty good idea of what you require inside your campervan. After that, you can properly make your purchase. 

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