Top 5 Camping Locations in the UK

With Spring on its way; now couldn’t be a better time to get a head start and start planning your summer vacation. For those so used to the same old family vacation every year (or perhaps even the lack of one) why not make this summer count and do something a little different? In-fact, why not spread your wings and travel on a camping trip to the UK; it’s different, fun, unique and will most definitely leave you with fantastic memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

I myself am guilty of being a creature of habit; I love my sun lounger and the tanned lifeguards that walk past the pool but that doesn’t mean I’ve lived, it doesn’t mean I’ve seen the world and it certainly doesn’t mean I have a lifetime of valuable memories (although the image of those lifeguards does help) which is why I personally think now couldn’t be a better time to break the habit of a lifetime and have a real adventure, an adventure that is actually worth having.

The United Kingdom is steeped in culture, beauty and good old British tradition and believe it or not, the weather isn’t as bad as they all say! Whether a camping fanatic in possession of the latest and greatest Vango tents, a ‘once in a blue moon ‘camper who can’t even remember the last time you saw a tent, or a complete newbie; the UK has a fantastic range of locations waiting to help you make those memories because frankly, what could a better way to truly push yourself, be adventurous and explore what the UK has to offer then being directly amongst it all?

If you are looking to expand your horizons with a camping trip then kudos and keep reading as below are my personal favorite camping locations in the UK that are sure to make this summer, one to remember.

Lake District

The world famous Lake District is a must have place to visit and a fantastic camping spot! Renowned for the sheer size and beauty of its lakes, including the historic Lake Windermere and the gorgeous scenery and fantastic walking routes; whether camping on the lake grounds or higher up in the hill, you are sure to fall in love right here.


World famous for its beaches; Cornwall is one of the most popular seaside towns in the UK. Home to breath taking beaches, hidden coves, woods and even farm; this is the ideal location for a family.


Seen as the quiet and shy sibling of Cornwall; Devon is a masterpiece simply waiting to be discovered. Home to some of the finest beaches and surf in the UK; this is the traditional English seaside at its best and with far fewer campers than any other region…this is the ideal location for those in search of a little peace and quiet.


Offering everything from the beach lover and surfers dream to the fans of rock climbers, and walks and even retro camping experiences. The history of Wales and it’s scenic beauty make it an ideal location for your inner explorer.

The Scottish Highlands

Explore the beautiful cliffs, hills and waterfalls or embrace your inner detective and see if you can find the loch ness monster! The Scottish Highlands are steeped in adventure, breath taking beauty and intrigue and with Wild Camping legal; the opportunities here are endless.

Break out of your shell, wave goodbye to the habit of a lifetime and instead embrace real adventure and make your summer count with a fantastic camping holiday in the UK.
Go on, you know you want to!

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