10 Careers for Those Who Love to Travel

Those who love to travel often struggle with choosing a career because it seems difficult to stay content in a job where you sit at the same desk in the same office everyday. However, there are a number of careers out there that will allow you to travel and see the world while you are working, and in many cases your traveling expenses will be paid by the employer.

The most obvious of these types of jobs exist within the travel industry, such as pilots, flight attendants, tour guides, and cruise ship staff. But most people in those positions wind up not seeing, or at least not enjoying, as much as you might expect. Have you ever talked to someone working on a cruise ship about their schedule? They usually work 7 days a week with very little free time while ships are in port. With that in mind, we’ll  list a few careers that you may want to consider if you’d like to avoid working in the same place every day for the better part of your career.

Overseas English Teacher

There are plenty of opportunities for teaching English as a second language throughout the world. The requirements of certification and experience will vary depending on the location and institution in which you’re teaching. In this position you wouldn’t travel constantly, but you would get to spend a year or more in a particular location, and then you could even move to a similar job at another location.

Travel Writer

Magazines and periodicals often hire traveling writers. In some cases they are employees and in other cases they are freelancers. The growth of blogging in recent years has opened up even more opportunities as you now have the opportunity to run your own travel blog while you explore the world. Of course, building your blog to the point that it can support you as you travel is not easy, but an increasing number of people are making it happen.


If you’re able to type quickly and accurately, one option is to become a remote transcriptionist. There are many companies that hire freelancers for transcription jobs to transcribe audio files into text. Most of these jobs allow you to work from anywhere in the world, and you can work whatever hours fit into your schedule. As a result, it’s a highly flexible job that you can do as you travel, as long as you have an internet connection.

Travel Photographer

In some cases those travel writers for magazines are also being accompanied by a traveling photographer. Talented photographers who find the right job are able to see many of the most amazing and beautiful places in the world. If you’re not able to find a photography job there is always the option of working as a freelancer and finding your own clients for gigs that require travel. Some stock photographers also travel the world to take photos that they sell.


Those who serve in the military get to see the world while serving out their commitment. Of course, there is the chance you could be stuck in a war in some undesirable location, but the majority of those who serve in the military wind up with some amazing travel experiences by the time their service has ended. In some cases you may have a say in where you are stationed, and in other cases you will be assigned where needed.


If you have an exceptional talent that can entertain others, there are opportunities to see the world while touring as a performer. Possibilities include music, drama, comedy, arts, sports, and more. Opportunities aren’t east to come by, but those who are able to make it are usually able to travel extensively.


If you’re not able to travel as a performer there are still some other opportunities available within the same industry. Traveling bands and musicians need roadies to help with things like setting up and testing sound. While it’s not a glamorous job it is more attainable than some others, and you should come out of it with some interesting experiences and great stories.

Traveling Nurse

There is a great need for nurses throughout the world and in some positions, you will be able to travel to different locations wherever you are needed. Rather than working in one hospital or facility all of the time you will be filling in where needed throughout the country or even throughout the world.

Peace Corps Volunteer

Volunteering your service in the Peace Corps can provide an opportunity for you to travel and work with people in need throughout the world. There are opportunities with other charitable organizations and groups as well, but the Peace Corps is probably the most well known for offering traveling opportunities.

Traveling Sales

Sales positions in certain industries can involve plenty of travel. Traveling sales jobs tend to exist in industries where you would be selling a low volume of high cost products or services. While you won’t have control over where you are traveling, most companies provide nice accommodations and perks for their travelings salespeople.

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