Create Your Designer Wall Art with a Travel Theme

People often underestimate the advantages attached to visiting new places. It’s beyond just moving from a place to another; it is a passion born from the urge to explore the world and see what it holds. Traveling is often a chance to be educated on different cultures, traditions, foods, situations, and most importantly, different views and approaches to life.

Travel Wall Art

With the effects of the pandemic still visible in society, traveling has become an almost impossible hobby to practice. It goes unsaid that the feeling of wanderlust at this point has gotten to an unbearable stage. Worry not, dear traveler. If you can’t partake in your journey and get to your destination, the only alternative is to bring your destination to you.

Interior decorating is a process that requires filling up a space with decorative pieces that you fancy. The key to creating a homey and personalized interior is to incorporate aesthetics and decorative pieces that reflect the kind of person and the things you are into. There are several ways you can showcase your hobbies through decorative pieces, but we will be putting you through how to create your travel-themed wall art.

Create a Gallery Wall

Example of a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a collection of different forms of wall art displayed in a grouping. A gallery wall generally consists of framed artworks, photo prints, matted artworks, and other wall decorations forms. Bring personality to Your space by creating a diverse travel-themed gallery display of wall arts and photo prints.

The key to creating the perfect gallery wall is to ensure there is consistency with the theme. A travel-themed gallery wall should solely be of travel-inspired wall arts. Adequate but judicious spacing should be left between the wall arts; ensure they are evenly spaced apart to elevate the visual interest.

The number of wall art to be Incorporated into your gallery wall is hugely determined by the available wall space. A gallery wall should consist of at least six wall arts; you can incorporate way more than six if you are certain it won’t appear clustered. Your gallery wall should complement your overall aesthetics, and there should be consistency with the shades incorporated. A contrast in color between your gallery wall and overall aesthetics might create a confusing outlook.

Hang a Framed Print

Set of 3 Framed Prints

This is yet another great way to feed your feeling of wanderlust. Incorporate framed wall arts depicting different landmarks, historical monuments, culture and tradition, food, cities, and so on. Framed wall arts are a more traditional approach to decorating your home with your favorite travel-inspired pieces. Matted wall arts are a more contemporary approach to showcasing your love for various destinations; perhaps an abstract painting of landmark or a sunset mural of your favorite city will do the trick perfectly. 

Incorporate Maps

It’s almost impossible to decorate your home to fit a world travel-themed without including a map. There are several ways maps can be incorporated into your space; for a personalized ambiance, integrate maps you have collected over time into your interior through a wall display, or you could just opt for a simple yet elegant wallpaper display.

For an elevated and nostalgic feeling, choose a map that holds a certain significance to your life; maybe a place you frequently visited in the past or a place you might never be able to visit again.

Frame Up Your Postcards

This is a more sentimental approach to creating a travel-themed designer wall art. Postcards are mostly sent to us by family and friends during their travels. A framed display of said postcards, in addition to the ones you collected personally, will make a good decorative concept for a travel-themed designer wall.

Travel Wall Art Example

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