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Cruising Indonesia – The Best Destinations to Visit

An adventurous and magical spirit runs through all the 18,000 islands of Indonesia. Each one offers a different and yet unforgettable natural and cultural experience. So if you are considering visiting Indonesia, taking an Indonesian island cruise would be the best choice. Since this country is basically one large archipelago it is best experienced when approached and explored by water.

Indonesia will enchant you with some of the world’s most beautiful sand beaches. It will fascinate you with its rare coral life and wildlife. But what will truly capture your heart is the different unique exoticness that each island possesses. And that is something that you will have to feel for yourself because words fail to explain it.

With a cultural diversity of 1,300 ethnic groups and different elemental natural aspects to each island, choosing which ones to visit can be a head-scratching job. Even though whichever island you pick you will still get to visit paradise on Earth, here are the must-visit Indonesian destinations while you are on a cruise.


Arguably one of the most beautiful places in this world, “The Island of Gods” or as we know it nowadays Bali, is the perfect starting point or an ending point to an Indonesian islands cruise. Bali is the one place on Earth that literally has something for anyone. 

Once you get there you can go muck diving in Padang Bai or relax at the Yoga Barn in the valleys of Ubud. Enjoy the majestic scenery while walking amongst lilies and jade green rice paddies in Sidemen. Marvel at Tanah Lot Temple and party at sunset in Singlefin. Spend time with the monks in Monkey forest and sunbathe on Nusa Dua beach.

Bali is one of those places when you can get lost without being lost. It’s the biggest cultural center of Indonesia, so be sure to pay attention while walking the streets. The only thing that is a must in Bali is a scooter to get you where you want to be. And a positive attitude. 

Komodo Islands

To say that the Komodo Islands are a tropical fantasy come true would be a huge understatement. Famous for being the home of Komodo National Park where Komodo dragons roam casually everywhere, visiting the Komodo Islands is a jaw-dropping experience. The Park spreads over 29 volcanic islands full of fascinating terrestrial fauna such as multiple types of mammals, reptiles, and birds. 

You can hike up Padar Island and watch an extraordinary sunset. You can snorkel with Manta Rays and sunbathe on Pink Beach. Float in the salty rich waters of Rankgo cave and swim with sea turtles. Also, Komodo Island is one of the few places on Earth where you can walk on a sandbar.

In fact, Komodo Island has been listed as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature due to its diving spots, incredible views, and a handful of great hikes. It’s a destination you will largely regret not visiting on your Indonesian island cruise.

Moyo Island

Popularized for being Lady Diana’s favorite island and the home of the world-class waterfall Mata Jitu named in her honor, Moyo Island is the one island you simply cannot miss on your Indonesian island cruise.

Except visiting the three breathtaking waterfalls, scuba diving and snorkeling should be on the top of your activities list. Moyo Island is surrounded by pristine coral reefs, home to tropical fishes, sharks, and rays. Because the island is mainly uninhabited and covered with a wild jungle, it’s a perfect location for jungle trekking. Along the way, you will spot plenty of monkeys, butterflies, and wild pigs. 

Mingle with the villagers to experience their wonderful way of life and let Monkey island convince you of the magic of Mother Nature.


Known for its underwater vistas, the island of Flores is undeniably one of the world’s best diving destinations. But that is not the only reason why you should visit it.

Visit the blue, red, and green crater lakes in Kelimutu and even set a camp and spend the night nearby. Marvel at the spiderweb fields at Cancar and experience the natural phenomena that is Blue Stone Beach. Go trekking to Wae Rebo and watch a Caci dance. You can even visit The Hobbit Cave, as it is one of Indonesia’s most treasured archeological finds.

Although Flores stands in the shadows of its neighbor Bali, it is just as a worthwhile destination as Bali. It offers a vast array of things to see, experience, and do that you can’t see, experience, or do nowhere else.

Raja Ampat Islands

The Raja Ampat Islands or otherwise known as “Four Kings” is a collection of 600 smaller islands and four big ones after which the islands were named. It is also one of the most isolated and remote locations in Indonesia.   

There, you can take a hike at Pianemo island for a very rewarding view. You can feed the fish in Sawinggrai and meet the friendly locals. You can go birdwatching in the forest and dive near the local docks. Visit the most beautiful place in the Raja Ampat Island – Wayag. Feast on delicious local cuisine and see the Batana Island waterfall.

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