Cuisines Not to be Missed in Singapore

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Singapore is a highly regarded tourist destination owing to its world famous tourist places and the architectural grandeur covering a surprisingly small area of 85 miles. But despite its small size, it offers a great variety of mouthwatering cuisines and dining choices. Having roots in Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisines, the Singaporean dishes are a perfect epitome of multicultural blend. With a famous dine in every street corner; this place is a celebrated fest for the food lovers. Thus, while you are in Singapore, do not miss savoring the following cuisines.

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Nasi Lemak

This famous Singapore cuisine has its roots in the Malaya culture. Nasi Lemak in the traditional Malayan language means “rice in cream” which effectively describes its preparation process. Usually served in banana leaves with cucumber slices and boiled eggs, this dish can be savored any time of the day but is more famous as a supper meal. Rice steamed with the coconut cream gives an extraordinary delicious taste which can be spiced up by topping it with the local spices.

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Wan Tan Mee

This term is from a Chinese dialect which means “dumpling noodles”. With the roots in Chinese culture, this a famous Hong Kong dish which is customized to suit the local taste. The preparation process includes boiling noodles in water and topping it with sausages and dumpling, stuffed with chicken or pork. It is usually served dry but you can enjoy the soupy version if you wish to. It is a must try delight for all the noodle lovers.

Roti Prata

This south Indian cuisine is overtly famous amongst the locals and suitable to consume any time of the day. To prepare it, dough is spun like pizza and fried with ghee (clarified butter) to serve with curry including chicken, mutton, fish, lentil etc. Sometimes to bring a variation, the Prata is fried with mushroom or ice-cream, forming an unusual but great desert.

Carrot Cake

It does not contain carrot but has white radish as the main ingredient which is locally called white carrot, thus describing the name. The cooking process includes grating white radish with rice, flour and water. Thereafter it is stir fried with eggs, garlic and spring onion. It can also be topped up with chili powder to give the carrot cake an extra kick.

Chili Crab

It is a greasy and spicy Singapore dish which has to be eaten with bare hands to savor it completely. Each hard shell is cooked with garlic, onion, ginger etc which gives it an exquisite chili taste. You can also top the dish with peppers to further spice it up.

Apart from the above described delicacies, Singapore offers a wide variety of cuisines – from the roots in Vietnam, Mongolia to Thai food. If you do not find such cuisines in the local restaurants (which is unlikely), you can visit the local mall which have 24 hrs open food sections to spoil you.

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