Cyprus Attractions: What to See and Do in Summer

The eastern Mediterranean island country that is Cyprus has a rich history, and it is well known for its pristine, sandy beaches and lots of other great features, like archaeological sites that offer a great holiday experience. The island also has tons of museums, churches, and monasteries, and vacationers will have a great time visiting them.

The summer in Cyprus presents a perfect opportunity to enjoy some of the best beach experiences or to go up to the mountainside. Due to its small size, it is possible to tour the entire island state from a single place, as most of the attractions lie only a day trip away.

Here are some of the things you can see and do in Cyprus in the summer:

Visit Aphrodite’s Rock (Petra tou Romiou)

The mythical Aphrodite’s Rock is believed to have been the birthplace of the Greek goddess, Aphrodite. In addition to the myth, the beauty of the place is what attracts hordes of visitors, and you cannot afford to miss it. Also, many people enjoy swimming in the summer around the sea stack, as some of them believe and hope that their youthfulness will be restored, while others just do it for fun. Regardless of your reason for visiting Aphrodite’s Rock, the place is a perfect spot to spend a summer afternoon. Make a point of going to see the epitome of Cyprus’s splendor, captured in the vast sea famed for having brought forth the goddess, as well as other striking and marvelous features around the place.

Swim at the Adonis Baths

Adonis Baths are narrated in Greek mythology to have been a favorite place of the god Adonis and the goddess Aphrodite. It is believed the god and the goddess conceived many of their children at this place. You can have a great time touring the site in the summer; most visitors enjoy swimming in the water below the waterfalls, taking the hiking trails to explore, and going back into history in the small museum and photo gallery. Vacationers also treat themselves to mud therapy. The several statues there also offer great sights to admire, for example, Aphrodite’s 10-meter statue.

Visit Kykko’s Monastery

Kykko’s monastery sits on a mountain peak, so you have to bring your hiking gear if you are determined to get there. The monastery is decorated with all sorts of beautiful and antique artifacts that were fashioned from precious metals, including gold, bronze, brass, and silver. At the museum situated at the center, you have the rare opportunity to go back into the past and get a rich, pre-Christian history from the great manuscripts and other documents. After enriching your mind with history, treat yourself with some well-matured wine before climbing from the high grounds. The annual religious fairs take place on August 15 and September 8, so you can plan your visit to coincide with these events and join the locals and other visitors to get a feel for the cultural ceremonies.

Final Words

There is so much to do and see in Cyprus in the summer, including the wonderful beaches, like the Nissi Beach, for sunbathing, beach volleyball, and other fun activities. You can also go for nature walks as well as visit historical sites like the Tombs of the Kings, St. Hilarion Castle, and more.

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