5 Top Destinations in South Africa

Are you searching for the best state to go for a vacation? Well, South Africa is one of the best states to consider visiting. The country is located at the southern tip part of the African continent. Apart from featuring one of the best wild animal game parks in Africa, South Africa is also full of great beaches, highlands plus, there are great and fine wines that are produced in this country as well. It is a beautiful city to visit with your family for a vacation or for a solo travel too.

Here are the top best destination that you will find in South Africa.

1. Kruger National Park.

South Africa is one of the leading countries with the largest game parks in Africa. Kruger happens to be one of their major tourist attractions as well. The game park is quite large since it accommodates the big five wild animals. If you are residing in Johannesburg, it will take you at most 4 and a half to six hours drive to get to the game reserve. The animals found at Kruger are the Elephants, Buffalo, rhino, lion and the leopard. Apart from having the animals, the game reserve is also full of archaeological features and arts that you will love to view and take some pictures of.

2. Visit the Cape Town.

Cape Town is a beautiful city that is populated by different cultures. The city is equipped with natural features such as the mountains where you can go for hiking and seas as well. The mountains where people tend to go for hikes include the Table Mountains, lion’s head among others. The other top attraction sites in Cape Town are the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. If you love water sports like jet skiing, there are plenty of beaches where you can jet ski plus you can do some shopping as well. For easy and fast access to Cape Town, book for domestic Kulula flights to Cape Town.

3. Cage Diving with a White Shark.

Although in most countries white sharks tend to swim once in awhile, in South Africa, the sharks are seen all through the year due to healthy fish and seals found in the ocean. The activity of getting caged to view the shark is quite thrilling and only suitable for the daring people. This is because it involves a person getting inside a locked cage, then you get lowered into the water near the sharks. In fact, one comes face to face with the shark but the cage is usually safe such that the shark cannot get close to you.This has become a great activity in South Africa and thousands of people travel to this city to view the sharks.

4. The Johannesburg and Pretoria, Gauteng.

Johannesburg is the famous city in South Africa, and it is widely known as the gold deposit city and most people refer to it as the “gold city.” The country is full of beautiful buildings which made the night walks to be fun and has various tourist attractions such as the Apartheid Museum, Constitution Hill and Gold Reefy hill.

5. Visit Robben Island Western Cape.

If you want to learn the history of one of the most respected people in South Africa and in the world, then this is the right place to be. Robben island is the area that offers all the history of Nelson Mandela. This is the region where the late South Africans president was detained and tortured for 18 years. Also, the travelers are guided by the people who were imprisoned here and therefore, you get all the right information from them.

South Africa is a beautiful city that has a wide variety of places to visit for fun. It is populated with different cultures which made the communication for travelers to be easy and there are great foods and accommodations as well.

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