Discovering an Australian Alps Adventure Vacation

When people think of Australia, they often think of either forbidden desert, or of inspirational, bright, and noisy cities that adorn the coast of the country. One of the lesser-known jewels of Australia, however, is the Australian Alps mountain range in the southeast corner of the nation. Many would think that these would be as barren as some of the outback landscape, but in reality it is a vibrant environment filled with possibilities. It is also the only place on the Australian mainland where it ever snows, and the range receives as much snowfall on an annual basis as the whole of Switzerland, which is world-famous for its skiing vacations.

How can you turn your vacation into an Australian Alps adventure?


It would be wrong of us to start anywhere but on the slopes, and if you are looking for a downhill adrenaline rush look no further than the Charlotte Pass and Perisher resorts. Cross-country skiing is also a great experience, and you can enjoy this in the Australian Capital Territory as well as at the Mount Stirling resort.

Nature Walks

During the warmer summer months, the snow has melted away from most of the peaks, making the downhill runs the perfect location for nature walks that offer some of the most beautiful views and landscape you could ever wish to see.

There are several locations throughout the Australian Alps that are designated conservation areas, with many species of unique wildlife just waiting to be discovered.

The Australian Alps is also a designated ‘Important Bird Area,’ and although many migrating birds do not venture that far south, the native species offers more than enough to keep keen birdwatchers busy during their trip.

Taking a Drive

If getting around by your own steam is not something you are looking to do during your trip, then the roads throughout the area can take you around the whole range quickly, although it says nothing for your sense of adventure.

There are a number of small, history steeped villages located throughout the mountains, each with their own stories and a population of friendly locals who are only too happy to tell you about the background of each place.

Perhaps the beauty of the Australian Alps is in that it offers something different at all points throughout the year. Whether it is skiing during the colder winter months, or driving, cycling, or hiking during the warm summer, they are always ready to show off their best and give up their secrets to any tourist with the adventure to discover them for themselves.

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