Enjoyable Cruise Activities for Groups

For many people, the mention of a vacation on a luxury liner conjures up images of romantic meals for two and moonlit walks along the beach. However, they can be great fun for groups too, with most operators laying on a wide variety of activities and events that passengers on their ships can enjoy.

Pretty much all of the vessels that are currently in operation have at least one swimming pool and many of the larger ships have several from which to choose. With pools reserved specifically for adults and splash zones for families with young children, people of all ages are well catered for on the bigger boats.

Below, I have listed some of the other activities that you can enjoy when vacationing in a large group on a luxury liner.

1. Renting a deck cabana when travelling with certain operators.

On some cruises deals, your own personal waiter for the day will be included in the hire price for a cabana, making for a really relaxing atmosphere. Groups that are keen to take advantage of the amenities offered by big liners but value their privacy are sure to appreciate this type of service.

2. Taking advantage of the shore excursions that are part of your package.

The exact nature of these trips will depend on the part of the world your ship is visiting and the company with which you are traveling. Usually, operators have a good selection of excursions from which to choose from. If they are not included as part of a package deal, it is worth looking through the itinerary to see which ones you might be prepared to pay extra for. Dog sledding in Alaska, speeding down zip lines through the rainforest canopy on a Caribbean island, and visiting sites of historic interest are all possibilities that your group could thoroughly enjoy.

3. Spending some time at the on-board casinos.

While you may never gamble when at home, dressing up in a tuxedo and pretending to be James Bond for an hour or two is something that may well appeal to the men in your group. Ladies can dress up in their most glamorous eveningwear and try their luck at the roulette wheel or the blackjack tables.

4. Horse riding along coral white sands on a tropical island.

This is an exciting way to spend days in port and will be especially enjoyable if everybody in your group can ride well. Whether you are keen on equine pursuits or prefer more sedentary ways of passing the time, it is worth thinking about the kind of activities that your friends enjoy when trying to decide which ones would make the best travel companions on a cruise holiday. People with incompatible hobbies and interests are unlikely to be able to enjoy horse riding and other activities quite as much as they would when travelling with likeminded individuals.

5. Taking fencing lessons.

This may sound like a strange way to amuse oneself while on holiday. However, if you can find a small group of friends that share your enthusiasm for learning how to fence, you could find it a really absorbing way to pass time on those long days at sea.

6. Enjoying a day doing absolutely nothing.

Lazing around one of the pools, catching some rays, and reading a novel can be great fun whether on your own or with a group of your closest friends. If you are in a large group, you will have the added benefit of not having to worry about your possessions being safe when you go for a dip. This is since it is unlikely that you will all want to have a swim at exactly the same time. Holidaymakers with young children will also benefit from being able to share the responsibility for childcare with other parents in the group during the course of the day.

7. Indulging in the live entertainment.

This is always more fun when watched with friends or family. Most of the luxury liners on which you can travel today will have a good selection of acts during your time on board. Whether you love comedy, magic, or music, spending the evening being entertained by professionals while relaxing with your nearest and dearest is a great way to unwind and have fun before heading back to your cabin.

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