Exploring the California Coastline

Sunny beaches, surfing, local wine, little hidden valleys, and canyons all make the central California coast an unforgettable vacation spot. If you start your trip in San Diego and head north through Santa Barbara and all the way up toward Oregon you’ll travel along 350 miles of beaches and forests. Everywhere you look there are vacation getaway opportunities, from fancy resorts to secluded campsites. Here are a few things that make vacations in California the destination of destinations.


What many people don’t know is that in recent years San Diego has become (arguably) the beer capital of the United States. San Diego is host to miles and miles of beautiful beaches full of beautiful people so starting your trip by grabbing some local brews and chilling on the beach is a great way to go. If you’re a more serious beer connoisseur you should check out local pubs to sample all the latest microbrews and get a taste of the California beer boom.


As you head north you’ll find lots of beaches, opportunities to ride horses along the water, and places to rent an ATV or dune buggy to go tear up some sand. But if you look to your right as you head up you might discover some gorgeous hiking trails. California is rife with outdoor adventure opportunities, though it’s worth it to explore the specific trails before you head out in the first place. If you decide you’ve had enough of the sunny and populous south and are tired of surfer bros you can drive straight up the coast and check out one of the incredible hotels in San Francisco. Besides offering a completely different cultural atmosphere this city marks a bit of a divide in California, north of which you’ll start seeing the land beginning to resemble Oregon. The mighty Redwood forests in northern California dominate the landscape and nearly block out the sun.


If you’re a fan of neither forests nor lots of people you’ll find that as you travel north you’ll find endless miles of beaches that are nearly deserted. Whether your preference is building fancy sand castles, lying on the beach to get an even tan, or surfing every halfway decent wave that hits California’s coast for 350 miles, you’ll never get tired of the white sandy beaches of California. As the cities get smaller north of San Francisco you’ll find fewer and fewer people and cooler temperatures. This can be a relief if you find that the temperatures down south are a bit above your comfort zone.

California is a beautiful state from one end to the other. It’s diversity climatically as well as culturally ensure that travelers of all preferences can find what they’re looking for in a vacation, and those who seek constant newness and thrill are never left hanging and in want for more. Unless you’re a shut-away hermit who loves gloom, cold weather, and solitude California is the place for you.

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