Top 5 Exotic Travel Destinations for the Fall

As the fall season set in, living in cold and rainy Denmark made me realize that I needed to get away. Get away and fly to an exotic destination with exotic fruits, animals, and culture. I therefore decided to put a wish list together for those of us daydreaming about paradise and warm weather.


Egypt is a country that must be visited in one’s lifetime and Cairo is one of the cities to begin with. The weather in Egypt is fairly warm in October and November. The great pyramid of Khufu at Giza near Cairo is one of the few Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still existent, and is therefore a must-see artifact of history. Apart from the Pharaoh Tombs and hieroglyphs, it’s worth taking a flight to Sharm El Sheik, to enjoy scuba diving possibilities.

Guatemala City

October is still rainy, but November marks the beginning of the dry season in Guatemala City. The city is known as the infamous site of the ancient Mayan city of Kaminaljuyu. There are numerous historical Mayan architectural remains of what was once the capital of one of the most influential cultures of all times. The Miraflores Museum displays approximately 500 excavated artifacts from Kaminaljuyu and is open from Tuesdays to Sundays.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, the city of carnivals, is wonderful in the fall. The weather is really warm and springtime is setting in, but the temperatures are not as extreme as they are starting December, so it’s easier to avoid getting fried on excursions. Also, perhaps it is a good thing to enjoy what Rio has to offer without an overwhelming crowd of tourists. Since Rio is a lot about dances and street parties, it is worth visiting the Festival Panorama de Dança in November. This is an international non-competitive dance festival and it surely makes up for missing out on the carnival season in February.


Bali is paradise on planet earth and the fall season is hot over there, especially in October. Kuta is a former fishermen’s village known for its white sandy beaches and surfing opportunities. The Kuta Festival in October offers a great variety of sub-festivals such as the Kite Festival and Bali Food Festival. For culinary enthusiasts, the Bali Food Festival is a perfect attraction and chance to practice their culinary skills. Yummy!


Surely everybody is familiar with the Miami heat and the fall season is hot over there. Miami is famous for partying of course and awesome boats. Those interested in sailing can look forward to The Columbus Day Regatta in October, where 200 boats race against each other.

“Be careful when boating during the famous Columbus Day Regatta. In 2006 two young people died on a day of celebration. Not to mention many boaters also end up the day incarcerated because of drinking”, says Miami personal injury lawyer website

Moreover, Miami is also known for the beautiful Latino atmosphere, therefore the Hispanic Heritage Festival is definitely the place to be to celebrate the Hispanic traditions and culture.

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