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Fun Festivals in the Philippines

The Philippines is a cluster of islands that are home to multi-ethnic peoples with diverse backgrounds and rich cultural histories. The people are fun-loving and joyous, and it’s evident by the amount of celebrating they do every year. The Philippines is popular for its many festivals that occur year-round in big cities and small towns all across the islands. The traditional events are very enjoyable for everyone, no matter your age or background. If you’re interested in festivals in the Philippines, here are just a few that you can experience throughout the year.

The Bulaklakan Festival

January in Muntinlupa City in Metro Manila

The Bulaklakan Festival is a procession that takes place once per year, usually at the very beginning of January. The grand parade features a colorful array of flowers and costumes.

The Dinagyang Festival

January in Iloilo City

The Dinagyang Festival is a magnificent cultural celebration with spirited feet stomping and hypnotic drumming. There’s a lot of chanting and fancy costumes, and the revelry can also be compared to Mardi Gras. It occurs for two days in the fourth week of January.

The Coconut Festival

January in San Pablo City, Laguna

The Coconut Festival celebrates the province of Laguna’s biggest crop – the coconut. It’s a large Mardi Gras-inspired celebration that lasts four days, usually in mid-January.

The Caracol Festival

January in Makati City, Metro Manila

Caracol is the Spanish name for “snail,” and the Caracol Festival is a grand celebration where everyone comes out of their shells and joins in the party. There is a colorful parade and a high-spirited atmosphere, and it occurs in mid-January.

The Kite Festival

February in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

This annual kite-flying competition is held by the Rotary Club of Dumaguete East. The kite flying is an amazing sight, and it’s great fun for everyone. It’s held in the beginning of February.


February in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

This is a festival that’s meant to honor Saint William the Hermit, and it’s the most popular festivals of the year for residents of Laoag City. The festival is held for a week in the beginning of February, and it’s purpose is to honor the hard workers of the city and give them a long opportunity to celebrate.

Rodeo Masbateno

March in Masbate City, Masbate

Local cowboys participate in events like bull riding and steer wrestling. It’s a western-inspired event that has lots of games and races for everyone. It takes place for several days in late-March.

The Fruit Festival

August in Kidapawan City, North Cotabato

This celebration of the fruit industry takes over all the city streets as shows, parades, exhibits, dancing competitions, and more take place in mid-August.

The Kadayawan Sa Davao Festival

August in Davao City

This “Celebration for Good Harvest” is a festival that’s meant to show gratefulness for plentiful harvests, and it includes many types of shows, dancing, and activities. The biggest spectacle is the floral parade that shows amazing floats. It is held in the third week of August annually.

Asian Ethnic Food Fest

November in Manila

This annual event is an international trade fair that offers a wide array of amazing cultural foods, including organic and natural foods. It occurs late-November.

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