Great Dates You Can Find While Touring Rome

There are just some cities in the world that project romanticism about them more than others. Paris is a common one, but Rome is also an often overlooked romantic spot, despite the fact that the word romance literally comes right from Rome. That doesn’t mean just all of Rome is romantic and the perfect spot to propose or spend time with a loved one; but there are some beautiful and stunning places that can almost take your breath away as much as your lover does. It is just a matter of finding them.

Fontana di Trevi

Possibly one of the most beautifully crafted spots in all of Rome, this one is a no-brainer for a romantic spot, and it gets even more amorous if you come to it at night, since most of the regular tourists are gone by then. There have likely been many proposals in front of this fountain over the years simply because it brings awe at first sight. This would be the perfect spot to stop by after grabbing a passionate dinner; and trust me, there are plenty of romantic restaurants around this location. Just don’t think you are in a movie and decide to go jumping in the fountain water. The authorities don’t take kindly to fooling around in the Trevi Fountain. You can however, throw a coin in and make a wish with your partner.

Villa d’Este

This one is just a little ways outside of the capital of Italy, which means it will take some travel time. But it can make for the perfect entire day excursion, rather than just a simple dinner. The trip can be quite an exploration too. When you do get to the villa though, it is most known for the garden it offers, which provides all sorts of walking paths and quite honestly walking around with a loved one and just talking or even looking at the sights can be a perfect experience not loaded with expectations, it is also truly one of the places you should certainly visit if you are near enough to Rome. The Victorian architecture and mosaics have become a muse for poetry and music for years. Plus there is even a museum apart of the place for books. If your loved one happens to enjoy reading material you cannot beat Villa d’Este.

Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps are possibly the most famous proposal spot in all of Italy. It tends to be crowded during the day, which doesn’t afford much privacy, but not everyone likes pure privacy. Besides it isn’t hard to grasp that the public display can be to your assistance; particularly if you would like to gather a bunch of people together and hide them among all the other people around. It is almost surprising if this location had not been used for a flash mob method of a proposal or something similar with large groups of people. These steps have the distinct advantage of being between two major piazzas in Rome as well, so it wouldn’t be all that hard to set up a path through Rome that brings you through that area!

The Zodiac

This is a place in Rome that also goes by the name “The Path of Lovers”; how can it not be romantic? Much like the rest of the places on the list, this one is completely free and manages to offer what has been considered the greatest view in the capital city. You cannot go wrong stopping by this place; not only to take in the glorious view of most of Rome, but to experience a truly unique and private spot. Take a look through the binoculars bolted on site, or just hold each other while staring out over the railings toward the Seven Hills of Rome. Either way you win with this one.

Tiber River

As a final stop along our romantic Roman tour, you have plenty of boat tours and boats you can take along the Tiber River. Most of these tours touch on every major part of Rome that is near the river, so you get a taste of all kinds of sights that would normally take all day to walk and generally only cover your evening with the tour. Not only that but you can be enjoying a wonderful meal with your loved one while taking in those sites. Just make sure your partner or you do not get sea-sick easily before booking this one. And trust me, you’ll want to do it in advance, otherwise you can get stuck with no boat to take your tour on.

No matter where you do decide to go in Rome, remember that it is all about the journey and the people you have along for the ride. If things don’t go as planned, don’t fret, just let things flow as well as the Tiber River flows and enjoy yourself. You are there with a significant other; how can you not enjoy yourself and them in one of the most romantic places in the world?

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