5 Must-Do Activities in Guernsey

Living and working all day in London was starting to get to me so I felt it was about time for a long weekend away. After some research I came across the island of Guernsey, only a fifty minute flight from London Gatwick and with such a relaxed pace of life that the locals are in danger of walking backwards. The following is my top five things to do and see in the island:

1. Kayaking

Ever eager to make the most out of my weekend, the first event I had booked on my itinerary was a two and a half hour guided kayaking session. As I was unfamiliar with the Guernsey coastline I wasn’t entirely sure what to suspect, however the session flew by as it exceeded anything I could have imagined; paddling in and out of caves, riding the swell through gullies and visiting beaches only accessible by sea. I wish I could have spent all day out on the water however the time had come to make our way back into shore. Priced at £30.00, you get far more adventure and excitement for your money than most options back in the city.

2. Try the Seafood

After freshening up at the hotel I journeyed out into St. Peter Port, the island’s capital, for a spot of late lunch. The restaurant, Le Nautique, was absolutely spectacular, the abundance of fresh seafood available is outstanding and the restaurant clearly put a lot of care, attention and passion into their cuisine. For starters I had the Thai Crab Cake with Mango and Banana Salsa, Oriental Salad and Toasted Sesame Seeds. All I can say is wow! This exotic fusion dish would not be found anywhere back home without costing considerably more than the £7.50 I paid for it. I followed my starter up with a Roast Fillet of Sea Bass with Ginger, Chilli, Pineapple and Fresh Coriander. Again, the freshness and taste put into the seafood in Guernsey is simply incredible. You have to sample some if you are ever visiting.

3. Coasteering

After lunch I had another activity scheduled for the afternoon, this time in the form of coasteering. A relatively new and unique coastline sport, coasteering is a course of sea level traversing, rock scrambling, jumping and swimming in caves and gullies. It was one of the most exhilarating afternoons of my life, and don’t worry if you aren’t your stereotypical adventure seeker; the guides are absolutely exceptional and all safety equipment is included in the £30.00 fee. I was thoroughly exhausted by the end of the day, and then the guide informed me that he has to do this all day everyday; someone give that man a medal!

4. Walking

By the time Sunday came around there was a distinct drop in the pace of life exhibited by the locals, I guess this was their time to wind down and relax from their everyday lives. I took this opportunity to spend the rest of my day walking and, as I had fallen head over heels in love with the cliffs on Guernsey’s south coast during my adventures the day before, I decided to head back there. Guernsey is idyllic for walking holidays given there are over 28 miles of cliff paths to follow and explore, each interrupted every few miles with a café or beach kiosk to sit and relax in. For me the highlights are the views you get from Moulin Huet bay, it’s not hard to see why this was a favorite spot of both Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Victor Hugo when they spent time on the island.

5. Go Back!

My absolute number one thing to do is simply to go back and do it all over again!

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