How to Choose the Right Hawaiian Accommodation Option for Your Next Adventure

Palm Trees on the Beach

Hawaii is a magical place with some truly incredible sights that you just cannot see anywhere else in the world. There is so much to do, making it the perfect destination for those looking for a relaxing break away, those looking for an adventure, and so much more. While the exact things you do are entirely up to you, your budget, and what you have time for, there is one thing that will truly make a difference – and a big difference at that – when it comes to the overall satisfaction with your trip.

What is it? Easy. Your accommodation. To help you pick out the best hotel, condo, villa, or resort for your stay in Hawaii, you’ll want to use these top tips:

How many people are going on the trip with you?

If you are going on your own or with one other person, then the sky is the limit. You can rent a hotel room, Airbnb it, go to a bed and breakfast, camp, and so much more. Large groups, especially if you have kids with you, can be harder to accommodate. The secret here is to skip the multiple-room bookings and try to find something that accommodates everyone. You can get stunning Maui vacation rentals that sleep in small groups comfortably and have a full kitchen, giving you the chance to stay together and enjoy the ultimate Hawaiian vacation for less.

Do keep in mind that those larger rentals do book out fast, so make sure it’s the first thing you secure (sometimes even before your flights) to make sure that you don’t miss out.

The importance of a good night’s rest

Having a good night’s rest where you can sleep deeply and in utter peace can make or break your holiday. That’s why one of the first things you’ll want to check once you shortlist a few hotels, resorts, or condos is to check through the reviews to see what people say about the bedding and mattress. This is going to be your top priority. Not the décor, but the bed. The rest is just icing on the cake.

See if there are discounts through the hotel

You may be able to get discounts and special access to local events and tours just by being a hotel guest. Some hotels have deals with themselves, for example, that will allow you to use the spa facilities of another hotel at a discount.

Where is the accommodation located?

Where your accommodation is located will also matter. If you want to do it all, choose a spot with easy public transportation connections or a short distance away from the tours you want to go on. If you want a specific type of vacation, for example, a spa and sea vacation, then a beachside property will be ideal. For those who want to stay out from the coast, looking inland and off the beaten track may be your best bet.

Compare visitor photos with the resort’s photos

One of the easiest ways to disappoint yourself is to be wowed by the photos you see on the official listing site, and then disappointed when you get there and realize those photos are severely outdated. This is particularly important if the view is what you were after, since new developments might have gone up that have obstructed your view.

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