HipGeo iPhone and Android App for Travelers

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HipGeo is a relatively new travel app that allows you to easily share your experiences through a mobile travel blog. Currently HipGeo is available in the iTunes store (free download) and a beta version of the Android app is available directly from HipGeo. When the app comes out of beta it should be available in the Android marketplace.

With HipGeo you can post photos and publish micro blog posts directly from your smartphone with ease using HipGeo. Entries are automatically grouped with other photos, comments, and places, allowing for a social aspect between users. You can follow your friends or just use the data to research and plan your next trip.

HipGeo users can create a mapped timeline of your travels showing photos and posts chronologically, allowing you to see the places that you have traveled to in a neat timeline.

If you want to give HipGeo a try, download it for the iPhone or Android.



Marc Andre is the founder and editor of TravelersPress. He loves to travel throughout the U.S., as well as internationally. Marc's favorite activity when traveling is photography.

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