Why You Should Hire a Car for Your Maui Trip

Driving in Maui
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If you’re planning a trip to Maui, one of the first things that you should secure is a rental car. KHON2 reports that rentals cars are difficult to book in Hawaii due to the high demand among tourists. Though the Hawaii Department of Transportation states that there aren’t any shortages on Maui or Oahu, tourists are still advised to reserve rental cars in advance, especially during peak seasons when there’s an uptick of travelers.

It’s not surprising that rental cars are in high demand in Hawaii because they offer plenty of benefits to tourists. To illustrate, here are the reasons why it’s a must to rent a car for your Maui trip:

The public transportation system can be limited in the area

You’ll be able to save more money if you take the public transportation system in Maui. However, you’ll be sacrificing your time on the island as a consequence. Hawaii Magazine states that there are only 13 fixed routes on the Maui Bus Systems, and most of these do not pass through thrilling routes like the Road to Hāna. Even if your preferred destination is on the public bus route, you have to wait a long time before you can board the vehicle. As such, it’s better that you rent a car to maximize your limited time.

It is easy to pick up your rental in Maui

While renting a car may seem like an extra hassle when planning your trip, it will actually make your vacation much more streamlined if you book ahead and pick up your car at the airport. The car rentals at Maui airport are located at the Conrac facility, so after landing you can simply board the tram to the facility and pick up your car. It’s also convenient to have access to your rental car upon arrival because most destinations are quite far from the airport. This strategy allows you to save time because you can immediately drive to your first destination after exiting the airport.

You can take a long road trip across the island using your car

Even if you are staying in Maui for many days, you can still benefit from a rental car that can help you go on long road trips. For example, your rental car will make it easier for you to navigate through the curvaceous Road to Hāna and explore the northeastern shore of Maui. This 52-mile road passes through famous destinations like the Pipiwai Trail or the Ho’okipa Beach Park, making it worth it to explore this route. However, a trip on this route can easily take a day or two, making it critical for you to rent a car.

Your trip will be comfortable even during warm summer days

Your vacation in Maui can quickly become uncomfortable if you’re not used to the high temperatures on the island. While the average daytime winter temperature is about 78° F, the average daytime temperature in the summertime can reach 85° F. As such, our article entitled ‘7 Reasons Why Travelers Should Consider Hiring a Car While on Vacation’ highlights that rental cars offer a level of comfort that public transportation systems cannot offer. When you’re in a car, you can easily adjust the air conditioner to keep your family, your friends, or yourself comfortable even in the middle of summer.

You’ll better enjoy your trip to Maui if you have a car that can help you get around the island, as you will be able to navigate through each destination easily and comfortably, allowing you to maximize your time on the trip.

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