Hit the Trails: Top 5 Most Budget-Friendly Horseback Treks in the USA

Like many outdoor lovers, a few days on horseback is my idea of heaven. An extended equine trek is just what I need for a rejuvenating and memorable vacation. Horseback treks often get a reputation as pricey getaways, but these trips are downright budget-friendly so you can enjoy a thrilling escape for any price. These are a few of the horseback treks that I have enjoyed. Did I mention that my wallet loves these treks, too?

Two-Day Trail Rides at Wild Horse Sanctuary

Wild Horse Sanctuary spans 5,000 acres of mountain and forest near Shingletown, California. For less than $500 you can enjoy a two-day trail ride here. The 2013 schedule includes a trek with the “Phantom Stallion” and “Wild Horse Island” author Terri Farley for $475 per person and a trek with wildlife ecologist and author of “The Wild Horse Conspiracy” Craig Downer for $435. The sanctuary also offers several other guided two-day treks from May through October for $435 a person.

Four-Day Ozarks Ranch Getaway

Riders who want to escape for the better part of a week can really get away from it all on the Ozarks Ranch Getaway. The four-day, three-night package is just $695 per person, which is a steal when you find out what’s included. This rate takes care of your accommodations, daily breakfast and lunch, one BBQ dinner, and four or more hours of guided horseback riding daily. Horses include the Missouri Fox Trotter, Tennessee Walker, and Quarter. The tack for your trip is Western synthetic gaited leather.

Two-Night Pack Trip with Riverside Riding Stables

Include all your outdoor interests in one vacation with the three-day, two-night pack trip offered by Riverside Riding Stables in the Western North Carolina Mountains. The base price includes fishing, camping, and unlimited horseback riding throughout your trip. Trips take place from March through May and September through November. Riverside Riding Stables provides all of your supplies, but you may want to look into used saddles for maximizing personal comfort and future use. This trek is $400 per person with a minimum of four and maximum of six in each party.

Overnight Treks with the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm

Get to know the majesty of the Icelandic Horse on an overnight trek through Mad River Valley in Vermont. Itineraries include hiking, fishing, bird watching, and plenty of horseback riding. Your trip includes double occupancy lodging, meals, and guided riding. For a real steal, the two-day, two-night visit is just $600 per person, or $625 in the stunning fall foliage season.

Three-Day Ranch Western Vacations at the Marriott Ranch

The beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia surrounds you during this horseback trek. If you’re serious about improving your horsemanship skills, there’s no better package. This vacation includes three days in the saddle checking ride fences and herds around the property. Learn to throw and shape a lasso, handle cattle, and more. The package includes a half-day of tubing on the Shenandoah River, all meals, an evening of local musical entertainment, all horseback riding, and double occupancy lodging for just $680 per person.

Book any of these trips for an outdoor excursion that’s sure to take you back to a simpler and more serene time.

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