Hotspots in Australia for Adventure Seekers

Australia’s diverse landscape makes it an adventurer’s paradise. Right from water sports activities, surfing, kayaking, windsurfing and water rafting, there are innumerable activities to indulge in during your trip to this beautiful country. Apart from this, an adventure seeker can also have an enjoyable time jet skiing, speed boating and sailing in Australia’s mesmerizing locales.

Your visit to Australia remains incomplete without indulging in adventure and fun-filled activities. So explore these top hotspots in Australia for some real adventure and make your vacation truly memorable.

Skydive on the Gold Coast

Skydiving offers magnificent moments of excitement and adventure for courageous enthusiasts, who are never afraid to come down from a moving airplane. Australia, renowned for its amazing adventure activities, offers skydivers with matchless scenery and friendly instructors. The Gold Coast is one amazing must-visit place in Australia having ideal weather conditions for an ultimate skydiving experience.

Visit Great Barrier Reef & Coral Sea for Exciting Scuba Diving Experience

Dive under the water at the Great Barrier Reef or the Coral Sea to experience an ultimate adventure. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef offers an array of adventurous activities, particularly diving for both beginners and the experienced. Every diving expedition commences in the morning and concludes in the evening. Instructors charge $200 for a single day trip.

White River Rafting at Franklin River, Tasmania

Tasmania is well-known for its spectacular exquisiteness and unscathed natural wilderness. It is a wonderful place to experience some of Australia’s most magnificent scenery. It is also a perfect getaway for those who are looking to indulge in some adventurous fun.

For enthusiastic travelers seeking for an ultimate Tasmanian wilderness experience, you must know that there is nothing that can beat the joy of rafting.

From the gurgling waters and ever green trees, you will constantly be in awe of the wonderful scenery around you. Take a look at stunning gorges and the immaculate rainforest as you go down the Franklin River for a truly memorable adventure experience.

You do not require any prior experience in rafting. However, a keen interest in adventure and a good level of fitness are required to get started in this amazing expedition.

Indulge in Exciting Winter Sports Activities like Skiing

Most of us are of the view that Australia has a warm climate all year round and hence there isn’t any scope for enjoying winter sports activities. However, you will be surprised to know that Australia offers innumerable exciting winter sports activities.

Several resorts offer skiing during the winter months in Australia. Popular ski resorts are close to Sydney in the New South Wales area and these are easily accessible from the city. You will also find famous ski resorts in Victoria.

In order to have a mesmerizing beach holiday, you can also head to Brighton, a suburb in Victoria, Melbourne. For comfortable and relaxed Brighton holiday accommodation, you can choose from a wide range of luxury self catering lodging or opt for rental apartments.

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