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Las Vegas Vacations On A Budget

Las Vegas is rightfully known as one of the most entertaining places on the planet: the city never sleeps, there are countless casinos, entertainment for adults, glamorous boutiques. You have one chance in a million to get very rich in Las Vegas, but you are definitely more likely to spend a lot. If that’s why you have been avoid Las Vegas vacations – I’d like to try and change your mind – it’s possible to have a lot of fun in the city on a very tight budget.


Unless you are driving to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, Phoenix or other nearby cities – you will need to fly there. Never buy airplane tickets from the first available tour operator – it’s always a good idea to compare prices on several websites such as Expedia. The more websites you compare the prices at – the better.


Very often purchasing all-inclusive Las Vegas vacation packages or packages such as “hotel plus air” will help you stay on a budget.

You should know a few things about Las Vegas hotels if you want to stay on a budget Рhotels on the Strip as a rule of thumb are more expensive than in downtown, in nearby Henderson or other off-strip hotels. If you want to stay on the Strip Рthe cheapest hotels are Tropicana, Excalibur and Circus-Circus.

Moving Around

Of course the cheapest way to move around in Las Vegas is walking – but the Strip is longer than it seems. Taking a bus will cost you $5 a ride. Therefore it’s best to buy a 3-days pass for $20. You can buy it from a Ticket Vending Machine in Vegas. If you are a company of 4 people – it can be cheaper for you to ride a taxi than a bus – which can cost $10 a ride and up.


Depending on how much you want to see and how much you are willing to spend – there are several options to save on Las Vegas entertainment. If you want to see all the major attractions available in the city – consider buying a Power Pass. It includes free access to top Vegas museums, several shows and tours and other perks. You can buy a pass from 1 to up to 5 days. This is one of the things highly recommended to stay on a budget in Las Vegas.

There are also plenty of shows in Vegas that you will want to see. Here is my little secret – don’t buy a ticket to a show before making sure there are no coupons available for it – unless, of course, it’s some show you have been wanting to see for a long time.

Coupons can be found in Las Vegas newspapers and magazines that you can get for free in your hotel. Often you can get a coupon to watch a show for free! If you have nothing else to do that day – don’t miss this opportunity!

Tix4tonight is a company that sells tickets to same day shows. They have booths in several locations on the Strip – but there could be long lines and tickets to specific shows you really wanted to see may not be available. Therefore, if you want to see something special check the current Las Vegas deals to see if it’s on sale.

Even if you are not going to gamble, join every players club in every casino that offers it. Simply walk in and ask where you can join the club or follow signs. Just by joining a club you will get lots of freebies, including free tickets to shows! Besides, every hotel whose players club you join will mail you their deals and promotions for your next trip to Vegas – and that’s a great way to stay on a budget!


And one last tip for staying on a budget in Las Vegas – you may want to bring souvenirs for your friends and family. Practically every hotel, every tour destination in Las Vegas has gift shops. The souvenirs usually have the hotel’s logo on them. But the prices in the hotels’ gift shops are quite expensive. Therefore I recommend getting your gifts at the Bonanza Gifts known as the “Worlds Largest Gift Shop” located on the Strip – the prices there are much cheaper and the choice is much wider!

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