Luxury Beach Vacations in France

France enjoys two great bodies of water, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Along with its D-Day beaches, which are reminders of the World War II landings, the country has a number of other stunning beaches that are thronged by tourists seeking fun, frolic and relaxation. French beach destinations are much sought-after among vacationers across all ages. The beaches on both the Atlantic coast and the Mediterranean have a number of nature-friendly resorts that offers a wide range of luxury vacation packages. If you plan to pamper yourself with a luxury beach holiday in France, here are a few locations you should consider.


Normandy’s beaches are known for their rich history. The region has a long, varied coastline, and is the perfect destination for a beach holiday. The Cotentin Peninsula, where the port of Cherbourg joins the English Channel, is to the east of Normandy. The popular D-Day beaches of the region start from Utah Beach in St Vaast-la-Hougue and stretch up to Ouistreham, which is located to the north of Caen.


Brittany is home to some of the most popular beaches in France, with its coastline stretching to more than 1200 miles. To the north of these beaches is the Pink Granite coast, while the Finistere is to the west. The Wild Coast or the Cote Sauvage is the southern shore of Brittany, and is known for its mix of calm inlets and the fierce seas. With such diverse features, Brittany is a luxury beach holiday location that offers something to all.

The French Riviera

When you talk about a beach vacation in France, the French Riviera is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind. The Côte d’Azur is the place for the best beach vacations, where you can enjoy plenty of sunshine and pamper yourself in the variety of services offered by luxury resorts and hotels in the region. The region also offers numerous maritime activities that appeal to people of all ages. The French Riviera is perhaps the only region in France that enjoys a microclimate, which makes it the favorite vacation spot for many.

The Mediterranean Coast

The beaches along the Mediterranean coast are perhaps the best-known in France, and among the most picturesque in the world. The azure waters of the sea are sure to mesmerize you and the natural beauty of the place will leave you delighted. The coast stretches from Basque country in France to the Pyrenees at the Italian border. Among the popular beach holiday destinations along the coast include Marseille and Perpignan in the western Mediterranean and Cannes, Nice and Antibes towards the east.

The French Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic Coast along France also has some breathtaking beaches where you can spend your summers in luxury. The coast stretches from St-Nazaire to the Spanish border, and has some extremely gorgeous, sandy beaches, plenty of sunshine and exciting activities. Popular holiday destinations along the Atlantic coast include Vendee, Charente-Maritime (has over 100 beaches), Cote Sauvage for surfers and Gironde estuary for those who want to laze around.

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